Original Content, Emotional Connections and Great Experiences

Co-Creating the story with truly original content and  emotional connections…

Each of the following images offer examples of original content. Within each example, the potential for marketers to co-create wonderful social media experiences is extraordinary. Communication will move across social platforms effortlessly, but people will have social filters in place, to remove the noise, and to ensure they don’t miss the moments that matter most.

Metwit | Real-time weather from real-peoplePinterest | The level of Disney related pins continues to grow

YouTube | Personal brands are accountable for the greatest volume of video views and sharing.  Discovery is so exciting and a key trigger of emotional sharing.

72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute [YouTube]

The future of social media will be motivated by original content, our curiosity and the excitement of discovery. We will filter for relevance, invest with privacy and share only the content that we have emotional connections to.

With social filters in place, traditional digital ad strategy will not work, and ideal connections will not be due to chance, or smart re-targeting. Brands must learn the importance of responding to the content that we think is great!

 Social Viewing is for REAL…Real-Time and Real-People

While Social Media teams remain challenged,  trying to define policy and protocol for interaction, the affability of brands is in question. It is time for brands to define strong connections, create resourceful content, embrace original content and support co-creation. Keep in mind…People are defining who they are, through what they share.

Enable data to focus direction and authentic reactions…

Now that you have our attention, be careful not to control dialogues. It’s easy for brands to slip into the role of moderator or lecturer often leading to “transmit-mode” and a negative experience.

A final thought: When people invest precious time and attention connecting with a brand… an authentic response IS now required.


Images and Video…It’s Emotional! Infographic- MBooth

With images and video you create enduring connections. They are emotional, instantaneous, and positively social.  MBooth partnered with Simply Measured using behavioral data to follow visual content on social media.  A great story!

Opportunity:  Incorporating original content within branded social environments can be powerful.

Result: Truly authentic content and stronger engagement scenarios in the form of response and recognition…

Engagement and sharing habits for Facebook’s top brands…

Time for Marketers and IT to Pal Up…IBM’s State of Marketing 2012

IBM’s “State of Marketing 2012” reached out to more than 350 global marketing professionals.

Marketing has moved beyond awareness…

Marketers must champion a collaborative approach with IT, to effectively focus on experiences throughout a product/ customer life-cycle.

“It’s more about people, than products”

What you must know:

Data will create the competitive difference
Mobile is no longer an option


Marketers are still challenged with using social media
  • 79% Run social marketing in silos, discretely and on an ad hoc basis
  • 51% have yet to use social media data to target better marketing content
  • …and only 22% are creating purposeful integrated campaigns

Preview: TNS’ Digital Life 2011

TNS Digital Life 2011|The report reflects the Digital Life of 72,000 people across 60 countries and the findings are extraordinary.

TNS will help you to really understand people, their adoption of technology and how “digital” fits into daily life.

A few things to consider when reading this report…

  • Engage is only the first step
  • Sustainable connections need “more”
  • Positioning unique and original content
  • Brands new role – enabling people in the process

For more thoughts| So, We Don’t Want To Engage with Brands  via Social Media

Positioning for A Very Different Approach…via Trends

Need Inspiration? We have created this report to help you visualize trends from both the consumer and the brand perspective.  From mobile to measurement, the  implications found within each trend promise to be inspiring and exceptionally resourceful.

Moving beyond advertising and marketing, we support a collaborative business design.  The report journeys through mobile, convergence across platforms and social media.  We explore engagement and challenge the idea of influence, while offering direction for creating sustainable connections and collaborative agendas. In addition, we share ideas for what is and should be measurable.

The report challenges traditional ideas, by enabling people to play a stronger role in strategy and performance, actively co-creating the future of the brand. More than a trend report, this is an exploration of disruption(s) including; mobile, the adoption of NFC, immersive experiences within 3D projection mapping and the importance of collaboration within innovation.


A Visual Look Inside SXSW 2012…and a bit about our panel

Matt Biddulph has created a visualization of the more than 3,000 prospective 2012 SXSW panels that is certainly worth a look.   Matt’s efforts offer a good look at what people want to talk about.  Social Media is still an overwhelming category, but it is good to see many have moved into what’s next. (click here or image for full view) Continue reading