Everything “IS” Different

Article first published as Everything IS Different on Technorati.

We have just completed three months of trend exploration, analysis and reporting. So what’s different? Again…Everything.

Change has become the only constant!
Companies need to prepare for, and bring about, a very different approach to business. It’s time to move beyond advertising and marketing. Emerging trends suggest a collaborative business agenda, one empowered by the ability to create sustainable connections.

A brand’s new responsibilities must include service, becoming a resource provider and a social media enabler. Beyond simply marketing, each trigger sustainable connections. Social media is a perpetual celebration of life, and now mobile is its pulse. Each of these areas reaffirm the importance of convergence across platforms.

Ideas Inside:

  • Original – One of the key emerging trends is the idea of “original”. Original can mean many different things, but most notably “original” intensifies the need to collaborate. People are keen to play a stronger role in influencing brand performance, and are absolute in their demand for relevance.
  • Filters – People are using new media to create filters and layers within shared passions and information. Branded connections must be authentic, expressed with conviction and always flexible to collective ideas.
  • Motivation-Responding to Disruption – Disruption has become a natural part of business. It is important to embrace disruption as an opportunity to stimulate continuous innovation. Disruptive scenarios suggest clues for how to respond.

Brands Must Be:

  • Collaborative – Explore collective ideas in a manner that challenges “traditional”.
  • Mobile – Create mobile occasions that extend brand experiences and actively involve people within the dynamics of “my” brand’s message.
  • Social – Move from engagement to sustainable connections by creating emotional triggers, immersive experiences and collaborative positioning…a Cycle-Of-Courtesy.

“Enabling natural connections without disruption stimulates authentic dialogues, a reciprocal process with intense levels of context, value and trust…a cycle-of-courtesy”

Identifying and responding to these implications will help you to adapt to change, now and with a level of flexibility…for continuous disruption.

For more see our 2011 Emerging Global Trend Report: Download the full report via Google Checkout or Scribd



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