Another indicator of our shift to ANYWHERE…

HP to acquire Palm for $1.2 billion.

The future of Palm has been determined as HP transitions into ANYWHERE.


Creative curiosity inspires some of the best global brands.

Behavioral tools to get smarter

Look for behavioral tools to get smarter as Facebook brings the social graph to life.

The value of social audiences has become very clear; a brand’s success will depend on their ability to target ideal socialscapes with the most relevant of messages. Connections with be established based on the “like” perception of users.

Facebook: f8 Open Graph

Digital decision makers will require creative filters to make sense of enormous levels of aggregated content.  Behavioral tools can offer targeted insight, but filters will still require variable, often unpredictable design and flexibility.


The next MOBILE DEVICE is about CAPTURING and CONNECTINGGizmodo shares a glimpse of what they “think” is the real prototype.

Designed to recognize a shift in the role of people, media and interaction…all things (relevant) “ME”.

Regardless of “think”…their investigation certainly reflects the future development of mobile devices.


A new study conducted for BlogHer and NBCU’s iVillage positions Facebook as a major connecting point, rivaling traditional media. The Nielsen study tells us that Social online behavior is becoming more common as 3 in 4 online users in the U.S. connect via Socialscapes.

Game On…!

Brands “log in” and Digital is in play like never before for the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP . We are looking forward to a fan-serious use of global digital tools!

The 14th Annual Webby Awards Nominees

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