A bit about us!

At Pallino1021 we have been developing new media strategies, supporting global innovation and defining integrated solutions. We encourage cultural transformation and incorporate the digital strategies that will create efficiency and effectiveness for our client businesses.

Companies, Agencies, and even more fun…Start-ups!

With integrity, ownership and great passion: Strategy… Positioning New ideas…New Products…New Horizons.

Our work is immersed within the dynamics of emerging global trends…alert to the “idea” of constant change

Mobile Solutions – User Experience – Data Driven Design

Collaborative Strategy

Pallino1021 helps you to find and connect with people who want to hear from you.  Stimulate relevant dialogues, that activate a living intelligence ecosystem…defining direction and creating true competitive advantages.

Translation :o)

[We focus on Global Trends, helping clients create sustainable connections via mobile and new media. Our work is designed to nurture an ecosystem of knowledge, incorporating key measurement and social media stimuli for immediate decision making. Our approach is designed to support a collaborative business strategy]
Why Pallino1021?
Consider how the role of consumers has evolved. True, consumers have always been the “point” of advertising and marketing. But traditionally, companies audaciously pushed mass-messages across static channels and hoped consumers would line up at their doors. For start-ups this means positioning to effectively create strong connections from day one and developing a plan for collaborative innovation.
Consumers are PEOPLE first!Technology has changed the dynamics of the game, digital environments and the need for all things relevant…inducing constant change and transforming the nature of consumer communications forever.
Analogous thinking!In the age-old game of bocce, the Pallino plays a significant role. The Pallino is the “point” ball, which becomes the target that all players try to get their bocce balls closest to. Strategy is essential, as every move brings about change. The closest bocce ball(s) to the Pallino score points. The team that succeeds, landing closest to the Pallino most often; scores the most points, out distances their competitors and wins!

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