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The ability to see how social connections cultivate will become increasingly valuable. Allowing the data to tell the story of it’s creation is essential for new media decisions.


Introducing Fizz The response to our website and company launch on Monday has been great. We’re already hearing from people who are as excited about our vision for data expression as we are and we’re getting great feedback on our initial offerings, Fizz and Cartagram. We’re also sensing a blend of curiosity and hope, especially from our friends at blogs like Infosthetics, Flowing Data and We’re working hard to fulfill that hope! Our long-ter … Read More

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Share the VW Darth Vader Video…We Did…Hmmmm

Last week we noticed 3 million views of The VW Darth Vader Video (Pre-Super Bowl release). As of this morning the video has more than 20 million views on YouTube.

Use The Force…Volkswagen Did!

VW Darth Vader certainly was leading in emotional connections on Super Bowl Sunday.  Positive sentiment was at that time 31.1%, far stronger than any other Ad.  This level of emotional connection is what persuaded a higher level of sharing.

Chrysler’s ad was wonderfully engaging for the Super Bowl audience, faring more than 32,000 tweets.  The Ad disrupted a negative perception and challenged viewers to rethink Chrysler and Detroit.  Still, this may not have stirred enough emotion, with a 16.5 % positive sentiment, to provoke higher levels of sharing.

Return On Response: Creating Emotional Connections.


From Ideas To Influence!

Collective ideas… Aggregated content… Social filters… Relevance…all  leading to trusted Influence.

Social Media Is…