Music is Emotional – Original…Spotify and Facebook

A great video from Spotify following a week of convergence.

Music will offer a splendid filter within social media.  Music will create connections, with contextually aware motivation for brands that pay attention.  Brands that enable music as a form of engagement and support people-to-people will have co-created original content…The best form of engagement.

One thing we find even more interesting is the expected diversity of the music we love. Certain to be very complex and very personal. People will certainly feel defined by the music we share. Emotional connections will be strong, much like images and video.

Sharing a song with a friend in times good and bad…will always be emotional!

Life…More Social, More Open, More Filtered

Reconsider the value of social media…Loyalty and Learning

As we absorb all of the “new” this week has offered, it is a good time to consider how “social” will become an even more natural part of life.  As we are encouraged to share more information, some may worry about privacy, while others consider privacy as an investment, a privestment that will have a welcome return…more relevant information.  Imagine people  defining their personal image and value by what they share.  Branded content will live next to original content, and with little more, sometimes less, importance.  Content will be filtered, and these filters will ultimately define what is influencing peoples’ choice.

Filters are naturally created through new targeted methods of publishing  and content that encourages interactivity

Apps that enable filters will support a cycle-of-courtesy

We are likely to demand even more accountability when trusting traditional media.  Even traditional news has to be pre-filtered and mixed with original stories.  The ability to make immediate choices based on trusted suggestions will become a service that we rely on.  Filters will be interchangeable with some content, while others will have very clear and distinct placement.

Intro Video – Facebook’s Timeline…a Collection of Time

“Open” Life…

Will “people” feel they define their personal value by what they share?

Facebook Intro Page

Positioning for A Very Different Approach…via Trends

Need Inspiration? We have created this report to help you visualize trends from both the consumer and the brand perspective.  From mobile to measurement, the  implications found within each trend promise to be inspiring and exceptionally resourceful.

Moving beyond advertising and marketing, we support a collaborative business design.  The report journeys through mobile, convergence across platforms and social media.  We explore engagement and challenge the idea of influence, while offering direction for creating sustainable connections and collaborative agendas. In addition, we share ideas for what is and should be measurable.

The report challenges traditional ideas, by enabling people to play a stronger role in strategy and performance, actively co-creating the future of the brand. More than a trend report, this is an exploration of disruption(s) including; mobile, the adoption of NFC, immersive experiences within 3D projection mapping and the importance of collaboration within innovation.


Preparing an NFL Social Media Game Plan

Social media needs to play both sides of the ball. Just like a successful football team can’t choose to play just offense, or just defense; a successful social media program must Engage and Respond.

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