@NASA Stays Connected

@NASA is connected, endeavored to collaborative learning and sharing all things NASA…with people everywhere!

Image credit: NASA

Twitter followers were recently invited to Mission Control in Houston to personally learn and share news about an upcoming space shuttle mission. Continue reading


A Global Dilemma – Lebron

Top 25 YouTube|Guggenheim

From 23,000 videos….The results are IN!

A brilliant collection from 91 countries…how the world sees, thinks and records!

Another wonderful account via CBS.

BMW and Guggenheim Lab Inspire Innovative Ideas

BMW partners with Guggenheim Lab to define sustainable global collaboration.

The incredible “Gift” of response…@CocaCola

An authentic reaction can motivate great interest , trust and loyalty.
The incredibleGiftof response…

Coca-Cola shared a FAN image on Friday 22, October…. Fans naturally connected with the image, and fan-to-fan have shared thousands of comments and likes.

A few comments:


My favorite! 😀

I’m wearing a cocacola shirt right now!!!!

Coca Cola for life