Over 40…Are you still Cre8ive and Innov8ive?

Affirmation: We are excited about the pace of change, the allure of creativity and the need for collective innovation!

People under 30 are shifting boundaries, developing technology and encouraging “Real-time…People-to-People” as the new ideal.  We often see many examples of complete brilliance in those under 30 and certainly, they will continue to re-define many business disciplines.

Story after story exposes this “Creative age of Genius” and their resolve to challenge tradition, perfecting a most imperfect world.   But, what about those of us over 40? Can we still be creative, inspired and innovative?

LeT’s SeE!

Just-in-fun, we put together five questions intended to challenge your thought process and illustrate that a natural process of discovery better prepares us for future endeavors.

Disclosure – We are the parents of five creative geniuses ages 23-30.

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Cisco is doing a tremendous job at real-time response too!

Could there be a CiscoSPice Guy vs Old Spice Guy dance off in the works?

Video – more than 91% of global consumer IP traffic by 2014. (CISCO)


A look at the next 40 years from The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian shares 4o inspiring ideas, topics and a bit of sad news about what’s in store for us during the next 40 years… A must read!

Top Ten:

1. Sophisticated Buildings Will Be Made Of Mud

2. Coral Reefs Will Be Devastated

3. The Catch of the Day? Jellyfish

4. New Cars Will Be Given Away, Free

5. Industry Will Generate Energy In Space

6. Oysters Will Save Wolves From Climate Change

7. 2,000 New Mammal Species Will Be Discovered

8. It’s Curtains For The World’s Rarest Dolphin

9. Farmers Will Plant Spinach In Tall Buildings

10. The Nation Will Meet The Tests Of The Century Ahead

(Image source: Smithsonian Magazine)


IAB seeks hybrid web audience measurement

What elements will project an ideal view of your online audience?‎


Excerpt: “The Australian” revealed yesterday that the IAB is on the verge of calling for tenders for a so-called hybrid system, which combines data collected on websites with data collected from internet users.

Controversy… Dispute…Debate

The IAB should consider looking for a collective and continuous process, as so many variables will change creating an exhaustive cycle of out-of-date  currency data for ad buying and selling.

Both New and traditional research providers should be part of the process. More important to note…Flexibility moving forward.  Online will “forever” continue to evolve and all forms of measurement must be prepared to do the same.


Business: Connected Businesses Cope with Change

Excerpt from our 2010 Mid Year Trends Report

Note: The trends within this report were carefully selected, to act as a resource, helping you navigate many of the emerging global trends which may be challenging your business.

Decisions made quickly even in the event of uncertainty

Creative mindset has become the most important element of success.  Creating and sustaining connections enables the flow of inventive stimuli, and direction to face the complex  global  environments.


  • Passion has to be fueled
  • Must have a clear view of  global differences  / perspective
  • Actionable sentiment analysis
  • Context from mobile connections Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla essential to creating meaningful messages
  • Include purchase behavior from banking via mobile , influence of location and tags
  • Serious view and information that must be retained to refine future interaction/messages/ offering
  • Mixpanel is a real-time analytics service that helps companies understand how users interact with web applications

Business Implications:

  • Make sense of social insight to develop products/services
  • Engaged co-creators construct wider/deeper/loyal process (non-intrusive stimuli and collection of data needed)
  • Refined R&D and seamless integration of marketing
  • Vertical solutions and professional services expertise
  • Connections are tremendous, but without response you may not be engaged


Video – Destiny of the game

America’s Pre-Order July 2010 -NCAA Football 11
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
Total 183,000 (VG CHARTZ)

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Video: Cross Platform Viewing

Excerpt from our Mid Year Trends Report

Video WILL dominate IP traffic growth (Cisco)

Online video content  encourages sharing, interactivity and more importantly engagement.


  • Video – more than 91% of global consumer IP traffic by 2014. (CISCO)
  • Americans  would choose the Internet over TV if they could only access one of the two (Hitwise_US)
  • ESPN  World Cup 4.4 billion online minutes -semifinals.
  • 110,000 people per minute monitored World Cup action during the tournament
  • Nike Write the Future almost 20 M YouTube views
  • Adidas –  Star Wars™ Cantina 2010 almost 4 M  YouTube views

Business Implications:

  • More targeted audience opportunity for less intrusive connection
  • Influence social sharing of content by creating personalized experiences
  • Meaningful analysis of interaction “where” offers context


  • Personalization and control of viewing  experience
  • Less concern about recording / dvr
  • Easy to share  and embed video content

NIKE WRITE THE FUTURE – Nike needed a perfect opportunity to strengthen the swoosh as a global force in Football. Nike  tried to capitalize on the significance of individual viewing moments, how they really do stimulate global connections…and perhaps “WRITE” the world.