Time for Marketers and IT to Pal Up…IBM’s State of Marketing 2012

IBM’s “State of Marketing 2012” reached out to more than 350 global marketing professionals.

Marketing has moved beyond awareness…

Marketers must champion a collaborative approach with IT, to effectively focus on experiences throughout a product/ customer life-cycle.

“It’s more about people, than products”

What you must know:

Data will create the competitive difference
Mobile is no longer an option


Marketers are still challenged with using social media
  • 79% Run social marketing in silos, discretely and on an ad hoc basis
  • 51% have yet to use social media data to target better marketing content
  • …and only 22% are creating purposeful integrated campaigns

Professionally Produced Video Can No Longer Hold It’s “Marketing” Own! | @comScore report

This study supports our approach with great emphasis on original content.

ComScore explored the “synergy of professionally-produced video content and user-generated product videos” to determine marketing effectiveness.  What I find most compelling is the level of emotional connection and understanding is significantly higher within user-generated videos.

Authenticity and conviction are clearly defined when a brand explores opportunities to celebrate original content at the same level as branded, more professional content. Great study comScore!!!

Original video messages are more emotional and easier to relate to than branded-professional content.

For more…meander through our Focus 2012 Trend Report

Emotion, Expression and Experiences

As Marketing becomes Emotionalizing…Why I think we love Pinterest and Instagram.

Enabling Original!

Brands are certainly challenged with their new role.  Transitioning from a product focused approach is somewhat frightening and can be intimidating.

Still, a brand must consider the alternatives and understand that the process has been disrupted.

Image: Pinnable Business

People are a living part of your business and want to be involved.

A brands new role is centered on service. Offering the resources people need and enabling Life”…everything and everyone!

The narrative is always changing…

In 2012 we hope to see brands imagine the possibilities. People are keen to be social adventurers, always exploring, hoping to discover and anxious to share “found” treasure with their connections.  Emotion…I think this is one reason why Pinterest has quickly captivated our attention.

Maggie’s Brand and Maggie’s Message

Marketing is no longer the objective, even social media continues to change. For instance; savvy social brands are able to subtly nurture connections.  Whilst enabling people to discover products, they also benefit from the natural connections that occur from sharing. This is a very different form of influence.  It’s real!  This type of influence starts with emotion builders, content that is authentic, and messages that portray conviction.

“Improves the look of”  You may have tested and retested marketing messages, but with a less than authentic tone and a true conviction, this type of message is  less likely to be effective.  The sincerity found within people-to-people content is more promising and often a part of the reciprocal process within a cycle-of-courtesy.

Prepare for continuous distraction, as real-time substance meets emotional connections.  The dominance of “original” content will likely rank absolute and continue to be widely expressed.   Start here: Celebrate original and remain flexible so that you can instantly respond, reward and convey ideas.


Nike relentlessly focuses on marketing.  In Collaboration and Co-Creation, we explore Nike challenging traditional with their commitment to connecting within social environments.  Now we see Nike emerging with even more purpose and enabling branded experiences.

Nike is extending the Nike brand experience through an invite-only basketball court in NYC.  Nike has renovated a distressed gymnasium within a residential building. As part of Nike’s #makeitcount New Year’s campaign, the Masaryk building has an unbelievable gym and Nike has court-side evidence of a sincere commitment to making “it” count.  An ideal extension of the Nike brand experience!

Nike continues to enable…Fuelband keeps you active while you make it count!


AXA Continues Clever Use of QR Codes

AXA continues to create immersive messages…

This intense action based IMmercial shows a crash scene and then invites viewers to scan a QR code as an entry way to learning “MORE”, about what happened.

Using QR Codes to “Make” A Connection

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From Ideas To Influence!

Collective ideas… Aggregated content… Social filters… Relevance…all  leading to trusted Influence.

Questioning Market Research…

All Market Research Is Wrong

PSKF recently shared a great post and a truly compelling account of market research by Faris Yakob. The post brings the value of traditional research into question and given the examples provided…they are absolutely correct.

The challenge with Market Research is the lack of real context within traditional collection methods. Digital media allows for the non-intrusive collection of enormous amounts of usable data. When properly filtered and integrated with other sources, this type of market research can be very telling. Continue reading