Exploring the Stages of Engagement to Connection

What came first the chicken or the egg? That is what comes to mind when hearing different perspectives of Engagement and Connection. Sometimes these terms are tossed around like they are interchangeable. Depending on the view you are subject to, you may have to do some digging to ascertain the direction of the message. We view Engagement and Connection as two very different stages within what ultimately enables a Cycle-of-Courtesy.

Many still question engagement as a good source for online and mobile lead generation, opting for intrusive messages via SMS, email, or newsletters. The problem may not be engagement, but within the idea that engagement is a standalone solution.

      Engagement within social media is only the first step. The difference between engagement and true connections lives within how you prepare, respond and adapt Continue reading


The Time for QR Codes/Tags is Still…Now

Article first published as The Time for QR Codes is Still…Now! on Technorati.

The demand for mobile information is extreme. Immediate and direct access to “more” has become an expected ever-present service.

A new initiative from Mellville House Publishing, called HybridBook, is bringing print books to life. Through the use of QR codes printed within the books, the reader can access highly curated text, maps, photographs and illustrations related to the original book. Now print books can have the same advantage as eBooks, thanks to those “catchy” QR codes. Continue reading

More NFC vs QR Code talk….silly

First the back-story: Nokia shared a video that offers a grand illustration of using “NFC” as a new way to “share, pair and connect“.

The video is great and leaves us with dreams of effortless connecting as we
“tap” to share, check-in and play. Continue reading

Social Media and the Warrior Dash… a Sponsorship Flashpoint.

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I recently competed in the Warrior Dash, presented by Red Frog Events, with a group of my friends. Three miles of running up muddied hills, swimming through murky ponds, crawling under barbed-wire on your hands and knees over-top gravel and more mud. Sound like fun? Feel like a warrior? Maybe, just feel like a shower? Continue reading

QR Codes Require Consequence

Recent findings from                                                                                                                   3GVision provide excellent support for our recent post Using QR Codes to “Make” A Connection. 

People require consequence when scanning QR codes. Whether they are looking for a coupon/discount, entering a sweepstakes/contest, or just searching for more information; there needs to be something of relevance at the end of the scan.  People will be looking for the “Free Prize Inside”. Continue reading