Trends, #QR Codes, NFC and More…from Brad

Brad joins us for an espresso and a chat about trends.



BMW of NA Adopts Inspirational Marketing

BMW of North America understands the significance of conversation and collaboration.  A wonderful new documentary series, “Wherever You Want To Go: Four Films about the Future of Mobility”, shares a collective dialogue within a diverse, yet brilliant, group of scientists, academics, pioneers, and entrepreneurs.  Beyond challenging traditional thinking, the stories open a window to the various elements that will really influence the future of transportation. Continue reading

University of California Santa Barbara – Brings Data to Life

The AlloSphere… a three-story-high globe that facilitates interactive 3-D visualizations of various types of data…extraordinary!

Limitless opportunities and  innovative discovery that will create more meaningful intelligence for a better world.

Image Source: Technology Review

Are brands really prepared to respond via social media?

43% of brands on Twitter had never REPLIED to a tweet  @IIRUSA

Old Spice offered an ideal example of response, but simply responding may not have created the type of emotional connections needed for the long-term.

It’s important to plan for every phase of interaction.  Creating a system of knowledge will enhance communication and the collection of insight that can be used throughout your business.

The result…fresh and compelling dialogues that will naturally influence people, create learning platforms and inspire a creative business.


Cisco is doing a tremendous job at real-time response too!

Could there be a CiscoSPice Guy vs Old Spice Guy dance off in the works?

Video – more than 91% of global consumer IP traffic by 2014. (CISCO)


A look at the next 40 years from The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian shares 4o inspiring ideas, topics and a bit of sad news about what’s in store for us during the next 40 years… A must read!

Top Ten:

1. Sophisticated Buildings Will Be Made Of Mud

2. Coral Reefs Will Be Devastated

3. The Catch of the Day? Jellyfish

4. New Cars Will Be Given Away, Free

5. Industry Will Generate Energy In Space

6. Oysters Will Save Wolves From Climate Change

7. 2,000 New Mammal Species Will Be Discovered

8. It’s Curtains For The World’s Rarest Dolphin

9. Farmers Will Plant Spinach In Tall Buildings

10. The Nation Will Meet The Tests Of The Century Ahead

(Image source: Smithsonian Magazine)


Business: Connected Businesses Cope with Change

Excerpt from our 2010 Mid Year Trends Report

Note: The trends within this report were carefully selected, to act as a resource, helping you navigate many of the emerging global trends which may be challenging your business.

Decisions made quickly even in the event of uncertainty

Creative mindset has become the most important element of success.  Creating and sustaining connections enables the flow of inventive stimuli, and direction to face the complex  global  environments.


  • Passion has to be fueled
  • Must have a clear view of  global differences  / perspective
  • Actionable sentiment analysis
  • Context from mobile connections Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla essential to creating meaningful messages
  • Include purchase behavior from banking via mobile , influence of location and tags
  • Serious view and information that must be retained to refine future interaction/messages/ offering
  • Mixpanel is a real-time analytics service that helps companies understand how users interact with web applications

Business Implications:

  • Make sense of social insight to develop products/services
  • Engaged co-creators construct wider/deeper/loyal process (non-intrusive stimuli and collection of data needed)
  • Refined R&D and seamless integration of marketing
  • Vertical solutions and professional services expertise
  • Connections are tremendous, but without response you may not be engaged