9 reasons to be excited by the new TED Books app

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Via TED Curator Chris Anderson’s personal blog:

After a couple of weeks in beta, the new TED Books app launched today on iPad and iPhone and I’m incredibly excited about it. Here’s why.

1. It brings together all of our authors in one irresistible package. 16 current titles with new ones to be released every two weeks.

2.It’s free. I think a lot of people are going to download it. The titles cost $2.99 each BUT see 9 below for a tasty surprise….

3. The app offers all the goodies you’d expect in the age of the tablet: glorious images, video, audio, links to maps, online resources, search, commenting, sharing, automatically updated editions, and much more.

4. But, crucially, the app retains the linear narrative thread that makes reading so appealing. Some ambitious attempts to create ebooks on a tablet have somehow abandoned this. When…

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Time for Marketers and IT to Pal Up…IBM’s State of Marketing 2012

IBM’s “State of Marketing 2012” reached out to more than 350 global marketing professionals.

Marketing has moved beyond awareness…

Marketers must champion a collaborative approach with IT, to effectively focus on experiences throughout a product/ customer life-cycle.

“It’s more about people, than products”

What you must know:

Data will create the competitive difference
Mobile is no longer an option


Marketers are still challenged with using social media
  • 79% Run social marketing in silos, discretely and on an ad hoc basis
  • 51% have yet to use social media data to target better marketing content
  • …and only 22% are creating purposeful integrated campaigns