Being a Social Business…IBM

IBM shared their 100th anniversary with the world  [June 16, 1911-2011]. The company has also released a new book, Making the World Work Better: The Ideas That Shaped a Century and a Company,”  What’s next…inspiring a more social aware and collaborative business discipline.

IBM is looking to help businesses be more authentic,more connected within social media, but will this be enough to truly shape the next 100 years and the role of People? [Image source: IBM]

What’s now…

IBM has created  IBM Social Business Platform  and certainly they understand the importance of new social responsibilities for business; needing to be more agile, more responsive. Connections provides real-time monitoring of social data.  IBM will advance collaborative innovation [B2B] with more useful data, tracked, filtered and put-into-play for clients, partners and employees.

Still, I’m curious to see how IBM will help to nurture the “other” social mindset of businesses…connecting with  real people.  Brands struggle with developing organic ideas. Co-creating future products and services is often a source of fear and unrest.  Listening and absorbing depth within social content, without disrupting the natural process of sharing and influence…almost impossible.

What should follow…

Responding with conviction and adapting strategy with an almost intuitive understanding of what people want and need.



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