Metwit Adds the Power of Instagram!

Everyone loves Metwit, Everyone loves Instagram, and Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you[Crowded House]

The perfect Storm!

Team Metwit has been working non-stop to create the ideal environment for Metwitters as they discover and share the fun,  and the fury of weather.

Adding Instagram to Metwit was the perfect next step!  The ability to immediately view images of weather related content, brings another layer of understanding, emotional connection, and easy translation to this very global weather resource.

La differenza è che qui si hanno a disposizione migliaia di amici!

Adding images  was a natural first step in what is certain to be many updates to Metwit.  The team is committed to offering tools that will make it easy for like-minded outdoor enthusiasts to connect. The photographs also offer a real-time window and “original” view of the places we love.

Curious to see what sunset was like in Denmark today?

Forecast?  These smart developers have applied a collective approach to innovation and love the idea of co-creation. Future updates are likely to be influenced by Metwit users and outdoor enthusiasts to meet their very specific needs.

Outlook… through crowd-sourced design challenges, the creative look of Metwit is expected to continue to transform and change just like the weather.



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