A Look at What Ads Should Be

TED wanted to celebrate ads/videos that nurtured our need to stay-tuned,  get involved and ultimately SHARE!

Messages can no longer simply broadcast self-proclaimed brilliant content and hope that people will pay attention.   TED created Ads Worth Spreading, a competition to better understand what compelling content is. Continue reading


Good Service and Bad Service …both are very SOCIAL!

First day of vacation…

First stop…Cincinnati MINI for Service… We are Happy to be here!

We live less than 40 minutes from a good service provider for our MINI.  We live 4 hours away from the BEST service provider for our MINI!

Everything they do at Cincinnati MINI is about the MINI experience. It’s a fun atmosphere; From the sales floor…to the service area…to the website. It is not an inconvenience to come in for service…it’s a MINI occasion!

MINI gets “IT”, marketing is only a message, but service and authentic attention to MINI owners is a route to creating sustainable connections…and shareable content. Continue reading

I’ll Have the Authenticity, Please!


Recently, while visiting a restaurant (The Colony Restaurant), I asked to look at the menu. I was handed an elegantly bound and foil-stamped leather menu with the tasty appetizers and entrees printed inside. Then the young lady said “Oh, here is a copy of the specials for tonight”. It was a photo copy of the handwritten specials, as created and described by the Chef (who also happens to be the owner). I asked “Do you hand these out to the patrons, or just have the servers read them?” “We hand them out to the guests.” was the reply. “We tried printing them on nice card-stock and handing them out, but everyone kept asking for the menu written by the Chef”.

Not that the descriptions were any different, it was the “authenticity” that they are craving.  Guests wanted to know just how the Chef was thinking and the exact words he used to describe his creations.

Guests felt connected to the Chef… he was writing these specials just for them…

What businesses need to do today… Continue reading

Mind our Connectedness!


Enabling a people-to-people process helps to develop a “Cycle of Courtesy”.

Mobile check-ins continues to grow and evolve.  EVERYTHING, everyplace and everyone,  creates content, shares and stays in touch. These creative connections are forming new sources of ideas, news and advice; changing not only the way we communicate, but how we discover and live.

Via Mobile, social-interaction should be designed to create excitement. Turning an “everyday” task into an occasion and inspiring a sense of connectedness… creates emotional connections.

From SXSW – Enabling New Experiences & Creating Serendipity Through Check-ins via ImageThink

Enabling New Experiences & Creating Serendipity Through Check-ins


Convergence and Intuitive Design in Real-time

“Global innovation is at the heart of Corning today and has been for our 160-year history,” Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman, CEO and President

It may be true; nobody is more excited about the future than Corning. Continue reading

Mobile Convergence: Information, Social Networking and Shopping

Is true convergence in a holding pattern, while we wait for technology to catch-up? YouGov and Antenna Software confirms that we are anxious to connect anytime and anywhere, but our daily interactions are somewhat hindered by less than “ideal” mobile web speed, size and design. Continue reading