A Time for Sharing…Happy Holidays!

Excentric offers a wonderful Digital Christmas with a grand sense of humor!


The Art of Search

Advancements in “Search” will continue to develop our dependence and ever-increasing need for more information.

Simply, more sensibly aware, as we go through our everyday

As we incorporate a more natural process of search, we will become more accustom to having additional information at hand, making search feel even more…like a life-tool.

Speak, snap, click, type for real-time updates, a better view of the world around us and how to keep moving.


Google – How We Searched to makes Sense of Struggles in 2010

Google Zeitgeist aggregates the billions of search queries from Google during 2010.

MythBusters Follow-Up: The Success of the Scientific Method (via More to Explore)

MythBusters always offers wonderful examples of disruptive innovation!

The Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center’s blog post, revisiting Archimedes’ Solar Ray experiment, is even more compelling given the collective role of MythBuster Fans. Fans responded with alternative suggestions, creating an opportunity for MythBusters to dig deeper.

Creative innovation relies on multiple attempts at failure and an ability to continuously challenge what is labeled “Final”. Continue reading