HULU is Connected – WSJ – think beyond…

  • March 13 2009

Happy anniversary Hulu! After only one year, the brilliant video-on-demand site falls just behind YouTube in online viewing and has just announced the addition of social media tools. Great news for marketers, the ability to extract even more rich data, easily targeting viewers with more relevant content.

Hulu viewers will love the social-ability features!

The sophisticated Wall Street Journal has now downgraded Hulu’s threat to traditional TV, informing readers that the social features will reduce Hulu’s impact on the traditional viewing market…What are they thinking?


Social Media – Marketers to increase spending

  • March 16, 2009

Forrester – Social media marketing to increase.

Social media offers marketer’s low-cost easily targeted options for communicating with consumers and the ability to encourage positive consumer experiences.

Setting strategic goals based on social media can be challenging and requires a new approach to traditional business practices. Marketers must be willing to adopt new communication standards and alternative forms of measurement. To truly understand and use social media insight, data must be integrated from multiple sources and consumers must be in command.

Exposing deep levels of consumer insight requires new listening skills. Nurturing authentic interactions will result in clear direction and support sustainable returns.

Key elements of Social Strategy: Authenticity, Flexibility, and Versatility.

Fan-centric experience – The Future!

  • March 11 2009

Meandering about the world of social media and pondering the future of fan-centric experiences.

Engaging fans at a personal level has become a compelling part of the fan experience. Digital media (Twitter/social space etc) provides the ideal platform for authentic interaction and a few “smart” celebrities have embraced the practice.

I have noticed that most seem to enjoy their ability to connect with fans, and are delighted by the real-time inspiration they receive. Other key advantages; the celebrity regains control of the message and fans perceive these genuine connections as the “holy grail” thus negating the rhetoric of “trash-media”

For the celebrity – Privacy on their own terms, but fans still feel they are a natural part of the process…more entrenched in the adventure and excited about journey.

Experience – fans develop a deeper level of commitment. From a “the-game” awareness to an “our-game” bond.

Moral of the story: Enduring trust and loyalty require authentic interaction and relevance …not 30 second spots.

Shaq’s “Fountain of Fans”

  • February 20 2009

Using Twitter, Shaquille O’Neal has brought perfectly true experiences to the fans and may have received unexpected returns.

Last night Shaq scored 45 points, a fantastic offensive performance and his best in more than six years. So what has inspired this kind of play? Maybe, Shaq has tapped “the fountain of fans,” embracing Twitter as an instantaneous link to real inspiration. By nurturing fan’s daily experience through tweets, Shaq has brought them personally into his game. Fans feel more emotionally involved, exciting a deeper fan relationship and moving them from a “the-game” to an “our-game” experience.

Social Media Strategy

  • February 25, 2009

The question – Looking to develop a Social Media Strategy for a luxury hospitality group –

When developing social media strategy, relevance is key.

It is important for consumers to relate to “why” you are reaching them, equally important “how/when” you connect, but most important “what” they want to share…about you.
Only relevant experiences (entertaining or resourceful) become viral and inspire interaction.

To define relevance you must engage consumers – How do you effectively engage consumers – Listen first.

Do you agree? – relevance should be a concentration within consumer centric disciplines?

Viral-ability + Social media + Influence

  • February 2, 2009 at 11:30am

E*Trade has truly figured out how to use and inspire social media.
Recently released “E*TRADE Baby Outtakes” has more than 2,221,893 views in just two weeks. Just released Singing Babies” had more than 9,000 views as of this morning and “Golf Babies” has over 6,000 views.

Statistics reflect high levels of sharing, favorites and views. What would you suggest are the key measurements of viral video?

Mining some of the comments from YouTube:

“the best e*trade commercial so far! hahaha! please keep them coming. these babies are hilarious! i agree with the comment below, you have to post a making-of video”

“ I want to see who is behind these gems”

“These make me laugh every single time”

It “IS” about the Context…

  • Posted on January 27, 2009 at 1:48pm

Time to embrace the chaos that is digital media. And, social media may very well be the only realistic option for marketers. Part of the challenges today involves anticipating where your message will land among the clutter. In the course of a communication experience, how will your message be received given the context of everything else around it?

It’s the Context, Stupid. More than a decade ago, Paul Saffo, then a fellow at the Institute for the future wrote, “The future belongs to neither the conduit or content players, but those who control the filtering, searching, and sense-making tools we will rely on to navigate through the expanses of cyberspace.” Paul was certainly correct, but he may have underestimated the consumer’s role in the filtering process.

Relevance has never been more important. So, how do you ensure relevant communications? First, know your target. Have an excavated understanding of what consumers need. Then look at when and where they will receive your message. How knowledge is discovered and applied will determine the outcome.

Digital messages can easily become disengaged across platforms. For example, digital messages within online formats are often unconnected and even ridiculous or offensive given the context of the content. Communication within targeted social environments will have, at least, established the first set of “relevant” principles…Purpose.

Source: Paul Saffo, forecaster and strategist and his work at The Long Now Foundation