Are the Buffalo Bills Listening!?!

Yesterday’s post, (see below) challenged the NFL and their teams to engage fans more in the NFL Draft. Pallino1021 offered a few examples of how to form stronger emotional ties by including FANS in the team’s draft.

Did someone at the Buffalo Bills happen to read this post!?!

Today, the Buffalo Bills tweeted…


“What position” would you like the see the #Bills address with their next selection: Round 4, 122 overall.

Brilliant! A step in the right direction. Keep up the good work. Including fans, even by simply asking for their thoughts, made ME feel like a part of the team!!

Go You Buffalo Bills!

The Back Story!

Bring the Fans Into the NFL Draft Experience!

Social Media: Staying Tuned-In to the NFL



Bring the Fans Into the NFL Draft Experience!

While watching the 1st round of the 2011 NFL Draft last night, as exciting as it was, some ideas came to mind on how to better “share the experience” and bring the fans closer to “Their Draft”. Pallino1021 has pushed the thought of how sports need to bring the fan closer to the game and ultimately their team…turning “The Game” experience into “Our Game” experience. Why not start with the Draft?

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Social Media: 2Spaghi “Most Active”…Such a clever APP!

2Spaghi is the largest and most active social environment for restaurants in Italy…

We are simply thrilled! The collective efforts of SpaghiFriends (members of 2Spaghi) continue to disrupt traditional methods for sharing reviews and suggestions of restaurants in Italy. Continue reading

Social Media: Staying Tuned-In to the NFL

Does the NFL lockout and draft have an effect on social media. You bet it does!

The lockout…

Everybody was talking about it. Some of the players were more outspoken than others, while some kept their true feelings “close to the vest”. The owners responded in much the same way. Truth is: through Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, LinkedIn, etc.; many involved were more than eager to share their thoughts and feelings. Continue reading

A look at Social Media Engagement with @Visibli

An insightful look at Facebook and the real meaning of Likes / Comments.

A Study of Fan Engagement on Facebook Pages  – Visibli

This study  explains the importance of people-to-people and the need for brands to pay attention.   Associating oneself with others “like-me”  creates a level of comfort and sets-in-motion a natural process of connection that should not be disrupted. Continue reading