A Peek Inside…IBM’S 2012 Global CEO Study

IBM has released their 2012 Global CEO Study

In years past, IBM reflected global CEO’s concerns about change and the challenge of doing business within an increasingly uncertain world. In 2012 it seems that CEOs have become more comfortable with, or at least accepting of, disruption and the idea of consistent change.  They seem to embrace the chaos.

Within the 2012 report IBM recommends:

  • Empowering employees through values
  • Engaging customers as individuals
  • Amplifying innovation with partnerships

Some thoughts:

Employees need to feel a part of an open, more curious culture and uniquely human, a part of something far more than a branded product or service. Collaborative innovation will depend on the ability for companies to share information and ideals. But, for this post allow me to have a look at engaging customers.

CEOs Are Ready To Get Social…

Social media will be positioned as the preferred and most effective  method of communication. Creating the conditions that support social dialogues depends on your ability to think very differently about the role of marketing.

Messages must be resourceful, and when possible, original or perhaps co-created.  A social strategy designed to nurture authenticity, sharing and response, will realize the advantages of emotional connections. Creative brands are also able to capture and utilize emotion as it evolves from immersive brand experiences.

Moving beyond the idea of engage to expanding sustainable connections remains a challenge. Companies must create resources that enable and support a continuous cycle of learning. Within mobile this will require useable insight, relevance, and the ability to respond in real-time.

“To remain relevant, organizations have to go
much further. They must piece together a more holistic view of the

Nurture contributory data, defining key elements for interpreting and putting insight into play in real-time. This is significant within the convergence of social media and mobile.

Social Media is a perpetual celebration of life…Mobile is it’s pulse!

Mobile supports the advantages of original content.  When brands celebrate original content, this instantly forms emotional connections with people.  Memories are provoked and a sense of true collaboration exists.

Sustainable connections are created through:

  • Emotional Triggers
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Collaborative Positioning

What is connectedness…

ConnectionEstablish a process of Co-creation. Ongoing non-intrusive dialogues with the adoption of “original” content and ideas, positions people within the process. Once a truly sustainable connection is made; brands are continuously inspired, collectively defining their brand message and direction.

Consider how lasting connections are established and where engagement begins. Social media defines strong connections through immersive content, interaction and levels of emotion.

The purpose of social connections is to understand how people perceive your offerings and the behavioral context defined within their personal connections.

Data Driven Design…

Preparing a sustainable system of  social content, information, data extraction, analysis and response is challenging, but certain to become the source for serious business decisions.

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We just had to share these wonderful and very “original” images of the the Solar Eclipse!

Facebook Opens at $42

Facebook begins… Trading more than 100 million shares in the first five minutes.

The Official Image

Credit: Zef Nikolla

The Official Post

The Reuters’ Video

Click image or copy link: http://www.reuters.com/video/2012/05/18/mark-zuckerberg-rings-nasdaq-opening-bel?videoId=235239046&videoChannel=1


5 brands that embarrassed themselves on social – iMediaConnection.com

“"Great lessons to be learned from this post! Our takeaway – Be Authentic, Be Sincere, Be Responsive….Celebrate Original "”

The use of data will define competitive advantages…


“The field of [big data] draws on findings from statistics, databases, and artificial intelligence to construct tools that let users gain insight from massive data sets.”

– Michael Pazzani, Intelligent Systems

Pazzani’s quote was originally published in February 1999 and did not reference big data; it referenced knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD). In the ’90s, there was considerable excitement around KDD, a new field of analysis that seemed poised to revolutionize the way we make decisions. Fast forward 15 years or so, and KDD is firmly entrenched within the plateau of productivity; it has profoundly changed the way that organizations and institutions answer questions.

Like KDD, big data’s potential resides within its ability to help us make better decisions and, like KDD, big data is part technological innovation and part cultural evolution. Whether big data is something completely new, an iteration of KDD or simply a fad is a…

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How to Be “Social” A lesson from MINI Canada on Facebook

MINI Canada has just over 73,000 likes, and a very significant number of people are interacting with their content on Facebook.

“Their” Redefined

MINI Canada enables people to play a stronger role in the way they connect on Facebook.  Allow me to offer one quick and most favorite example…

Recently, MINI Canada shared an image that was added to their page. The post was a huge delight to folks who love MINI.   The image was liked, commented on,  and shared, but also tagged.  Yes, tagged, people began to tag a specific MINI within the image as their own. The unexpected result, a fun and enduring way to seed personal connections to MINI.

Through a social strategy designed to nurture sharing and response, MINI Canada has established the key return of social media…emotional connections.


“Original” Advantages…

Friends of MINI Canada are likely to seek out future posts, considering MINI Canada as a source of fun.

Facebook fans will also be more likely to interact, to share, and to trust MINI Canada’s content.  Although it may be rather difficult to determine immediate and clear metrics, it is terribly easy to define an emotional return on MINI Canada’s social strategy.

Christoph Hurni took the photo on August 29, 2004 in Wassen, Canton of Uri, CH

A Cycle-of-Courtesy

MINI Canada has also encouraged a reciprocal process within Facebook.  By creating an environment that celebrates authenticity and appreciation, MINI Canada has set high standards for how people should interact within Facebook.

Following-up…Taking Responsibility

MINI Canada was able to request more details from the original source, asking KI RK, to identify the original source of the image so that they could offer proper credit.  MINI Canada’s actions maintain accountability.   At the same time, they learned a bit more about KI RK. He loves to search for MINI images.  KI RK could be a great source (e.g. archeologist) of original content in the future.

  • It would be great to give props to the photograph since it has been taking FB by storm! I just thought it was cool and wanted to share! … KI RK
  • I’m a Google image RAT! I found it by just looking at different images of Minis…KI RK

User Acquisition, Virality, and Mobile: Notes from our session with Adam Nash

Love this post…very spot on!

Adding my thoughts | Start-ups must position with user experience at the heart of every element. Disruption is constant…flexibility in design and mindset will offer the direction you will need. Be competitive with a keen understanding of the role data will play today and tomorrow.