Mobile App Revenue | iOS vs. Google Play – Infographic

App Annie shares an interesting look at what’s really motivating revenue for iOS and Google Play.

Even as Google Play is seeing strong growth, iOS still captures the very mobile Eastern Asia market. iPhone and iPad app downloads in China and Japan create 25% if iOS total revenue.

Another very compelling stat… App Annie shares that for every $1 spent on Google Play, $2.45 are spent on iOS.

Click here to access the PDF version of the Game of Phones infographic.


Google Play | The convergence of me!

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Recipes To Reservations… a Mobile Response

A recent query asked “What is the number of food-related apps available for Android or iPhone“.

Sharing our response…

Recipes To Reservations…

Is it possible to properly respond to this query?   At any given moment we can access an immeasurable level of food related sites via mobile.  The demand for these limitless options is most notably due to our true emotional connection with food.  Developing an app or web-based source of “trusted” information would most certainly create very strong connections for brands, and food is a natural emotional trigger.

What type of decisions would be made based on the number of apps available?

Apps offer direction for healthy eating and life saving direction for how we consume food.  Apps for dining out, from simply where…to simply what venues are best and who can get me in now. (e.g. Open table and Urban spoon) Others are more focused on the idea of cooking, and shopping or eating healthy (e.g. Epicurious Recipes, Nutrition facts, Shopping List).

Still, what I find most inspiring are the web-based mobile solutions that include real-time people-to-people reviews of venues and experiences.  These are most likely to create very sustainable connections as they encourage a collective responsibility for the integrity of the offering.  “Everyone” has an equal and compelling reason to have-a-say, in what I refer to as the Cycle of Courtesy.

La SpagoGuida, Simply a Trend?

We are so very pleased to see  La SpagoGuida highlighted as a media and publishing trend via Springwise last week!

More than a trend…

The convergence of mobile and online review sites will certainly continue to disrupt traditional models.   Working with our collaborators, we continue to explore the many possibilities for using real-time mobile as a platform for sharing information and creating unique  people-to-people advantages.

Zagat disrupted!

La SpagoGuida is a pocket-sized volume of 320 pages with an application for iPhone and Android smartphones.  Recommendations of “ordinary people without the snobbery” of  places where you will want to eat in Italy.