Creative #Innovation…Culinary and Catalysts via BASF

Creative  ‎innovation…certainly a topic that is near and dear to my heart!

Listen in as Dr. Hans-Peter Neumann, Senior Vice President, Process Catalysts & Technologies at BASF shares ideas with Celebrity Chef Marcel Vigneron.

A wonderful story  about the importance of collaboration, and trusted relationships when nurturing truly creative innovation.


Images and Video…It’s Emotional! Infographic- MBooth

With images and video you create enduring connections. They are emotional, instantaneous, and positively social.  MBooth partnered with Simply Measured using behavioral data to follow visual content on social media.  A great story!

Opportunity:  Incorporating original content within branded social environments can be powerful.

Result: Truly authentic content and stronger engagement scenarios in the form of response and recognition…

Engagement and sharing habits for Facebook’s top brands…

An interesting perspective, but creating ideal connections within Facebook requires an authentic response strategy.

Business & Money

It’s been a rough few weeks for Facebook — not to mention its shareholders. After going public at $38 per share in May, the social networking titan has lost nearly half its value, wiping out some $50 billion worth of shareholder equity. (Of course, Facebook insiders cashed out to the tune of nearly $10 billion during the offering, but hey, some people have good timing.) Key executives are racing for the exits faster than Usain Bolt, prompting concerns of a brain-drain. Meanwhile, the state of California is bracing for the loss of potential tax revenue due to Facebook’s nose-dive. Calls are mounting for founder Mark Zuckerberg to step aside. And there’s reason to believe that Facebook’s “market meltdown” isn’t over.

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How NASA battle-tested its Mars rover live stream

NASA is one of our favorite examples of collaboration. In Collaboration and Co-Creation, we talk about NASA’s commitment to involving people within everything NASA, as a means of creating lasting, very emotional connections for their future. Tonight is truly an opportunity to inspire “Curiosity”!


Updated: Anyone excited to watch NASA’s Mars rover, called Curiosity, land on the surface of the red planet on Sunday night can all but rest assured that too much demand won’t kill the stream. NASA teamed with an application-testing specialist called SOASTA to ensure the world can keep watching even if demand spikes or servers fail, proving a single implementation of its application stack can handle 25 Gigabits per second of web traffic.

SOASTA tests the traffic load applications can handle by generating cloud-computing-based resources that mimic the traffic generated by potentially millions of simultaneous real-world users. The company also recently tested, the official Olympics web site that organizers predict will have to handle more than a billion visits over the course of this year’s event.

According to an e-mail explanation sent to me by NASA and SOASTA, here’s how the two groups put Curiosity’s streaming infrastructure, which…

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