Buffalo Bills…True and Enduring Emotional Connections!

Recently the Buffalo Bills unveiled their new NFL uniforms. It was done at Ralph Wilson Stadium with all the ceremony deserving of such an event. The thing that made it special was the “models” that were used to present the new uniforms. Local military personnel, all avid fans,  were chosen to be the “models” to introduce the Bill’s new uniforms.

For these “models” of a true fan, this was a much deserved honor and a dream-come-true. Talk about a truly immersive experience! This not only formed enduring and emotional connections with the military men, but with all of the fans that watched or heard of it. These are connections that will not soon, if ever, be broken!

Go You Buffalo Bills…and our military too!



Tweets of The Day!

Everything IS... Different…!

Collaborative and Immersive…@Pottermore

Just As We Hoped…!!

J.K Rowling has created @Pottermore as an immersive experience for fans. Even more exciting, the space will encourage and nurture collective ideas, most certainly with our key elements...authenticity and conviction. Continue reading

Social Media and the Warrior Dash… a Sponsorship Flashpoint.

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I recently competed in the Warrior Dash, presented by Red Frog Events, with a group of my friends. Three miles of running up muddied hills, swimming through murky ponds, crawling under barbed-wire on your hands and knees over-top gravel and more mud. Sound like fun? Feel like a warrior? Maybe, just feel like a shower? Continue reading

Being a Social Business…IBM

IBM shared their 100th anniversary with the world  [June 16, 1911-2011]. The company has also released a new book, Making the World Work Better: The Ideas That Shaped a Century and a Company,”  What’s next…inspiring a more social aware and collaborative business discipline.

IBM is looking to help businesses be more authentic,more connected within social media, but will this be enough to truly shape the next 100 years and the role of People? [Image source: IBM]

What’s now… Continue reading

Relevancy and My TweetDeck

Author: Bradley Lawrence

Among the notable upgrades to my digital life this week is the TweetDeck app for my Droid. I have a handful of friends, who this week, discovered Twitter and are now addicted, too proud to update their status over FB they have opted to use the update only service. Continue reading

@Pottermore site is coming soon!

Everyone is guessing!

Ingredients we are  hoping for…A Space that offers:

  • Immersive Experiences
  • Enables Connections
  • People-to-People
  • Real World
  • Nurtures Co-creation
  • Most certainly intriguing!

    Already YouTube’s #1 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Sponsor Continue reading