Winning Social Media…There is No Off-Season

The Buffalo Bills are off to a good start. They began the season meagerly with small steps, but are starting to make bigger strides. This goes for their on-the-field team as well as their social media team.

Yes, social media is an important part of the program. With social media there is no off-season, draft, training camp or play-offs. The social media team has to be effective year round, and at the top of their game. It is time to take the next step. Buffalo Bills fans are tremendous fans, in good times and…not so good times, they have been for many years. (I can attest to that, as I am a Homer and fan for my entire life.) Continue reading


A Visual Look Inside SXSW 2012…and a bit about our panel

Matt Biddulph has created a visualization of the more than 3,000 prospective 2012 SXSW panels that is certainly worth a look.   Matt’s efforts offer a good look at what people want to talk about.  Social Media is still an overwhelming category, but it is good to see many have moved into what’s next. (click here or image for full view) Continue reading

More NFC vs QR Code talk….silly

First the back-story: Nokia shared a video that offers a grand illustration of using “NFC” as a new way to “share, pair and connect“.

The video is great and leaves us with dreams of effortless connecting as we
“tap” to share, check-in and play. Continue reading

So, I’m just standin’ here…Enable Me!

Talk about a captive audience…

Recently we embarked on a family outing at a popular theme park. You know…rides, games, kid’s rides, shows and ridiculously overpriced concessions. The kind of park where you have to stand in line for at least an hour before you can ride. Talk about an opportunity to engage! Continue reading

This Week was Interesting…

Everything “IS” Different

Article first published as Everything IS Different on Technorati.

We have just completed three months of trend exploration, analysis and reporting. So what’s different? Again…Everything.

Change has become the only constant! Continue reading

Enabling A Cycle-of-Courtesy…Carlsberg

Carlsberg creates real-world occasions and challenges the “ideals” of traditional marketing by enabling people.  Carlsberg Tournée Digitale supports social sharing, allows branded content to feel original and when shared…is definitely an emotional connector.

A Cycle-of-Courtesy begins and all within their branded message…!

More – Carlsberg….Spring 2011

“Offer to clean your neighbor’s oven”…Carlsberg