A Visual Look Inside SXSW 2012…and a bit about our panel

Matt Biddulph has created a visualization of the more than 3,000 prospective 2012 SXSW panels that is certainly worth a look.   Matt’s efforts offer a good look at what people want to talk about.  Social Media is still an overwhelming category, but it is good to see many have moved into what’s next. (click here or image for full view)

Emerging technology and mobile are gaining ground, and more important topics are getting attention. Health and The Future of Medicine is a compelling topic.  The tags include health footprint, healthcare innovation and healthcare within social media.   Healthcare within social media is particularly interesting to me.  We introduce the idea of collaborative healthcare within Collaboration and Co-Creation, and talk about it in our recent trend report. The ideal outcome supports physicians enabling people to connect with others, sharing advice with those challenged by the same life-long ailments.  These creative learning agendas are a powerful tool for  physicians, but more importantly people have a role in their personal healthcare with the added benefit of helping others.

Collaborative healthcare enables people to play a  formidable role in their personal care.  Connecting with others and sharing experiences supports understanding with remarkable advantages and keeps everyone informed!

So, where does our SXSW panel fall?  Within emerging technology, but that feels a little restrictive.  We wanted to challenge the idea of social media as simply a marketing tool, focusing attention on a brand’s new role; Service, Enabler and Resource Provider.  Each enable natural connections, stimulating authentic dialogues,  a reciprocal process , intense levels of context, value and trust.

Embrace Disruption…disruption is a natural part of everything.

Topic: Embrace Disruption

Emerging Technology / Mobile|Tags Collaboration & Co-Creation, Immersive experiences, mobile

Kyle Hilla – Apptopus, Inc.

Captures The Entire Experience –Apptopus, Inc. created CollabraCam, an app that produces multiple immersive  views via collaborative video footage. Result: Extraordinary perspective, unique storytelling and meaningful context!

Michele Ruini – UX & Idea designerMobile app developer and social media disruptor

“La SpagoGuida 2011”   Italy’s first people-to-people restaurant social-guide is written by “guests” of restaurants. The information is updated constantly through social media. Not only do you get the information that you seek, but you can share your thoughts, passion, impressions and recommendations of your experience.


Co-creation is the “defining element” within intelligent innovation. Personal creation and the idea of “Original” products, services and experiences will lead to emotional connections with brands, along with a new course for future innovation.

Questions Answered

  1. How can disruption focus and inspire innovation
  2. What are some ideal opportunities to co-create content
  3. How can brands create collaborative content via mobile and social media (e.g. CollabraCam)
  4. How can we move from engagement to sustainable connections (Cycle-of-Courtesy)
  5. What are some of the key emerging trends

Link to SXSW

A bit more about CollabraCam 

Created by Wetie in Brazil, as an incentive for a healthier lifestyle. CollabraCam acted as a pre-production tool to make a quick video storyboard for client approval. Production of the final video – iPhones in HD using the standard video camera and edit in Final Cut. (This is the final production, not the CollabraCam pre-production footage) Source: CollabraCam blog



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