Social Significance

eMarketer reports that  127 million people, will connect via social network at least once a month in 2010.  They also anticipate higher levels of regular use by 2014


The extraordinary adoption of social interaction is erasing traditional borders, while significantly altering the decision making process through trusted connections.    This presents quite a challenge for brands, as they develop real-time platforms, intuitive content and comprehensive dialogue strategies. Relevance is crucial and ensures ideal interaction…designed to incite positive extensions of a brand’s experiences.

Digital media plans must support an integrated approach for measuring effectiveness. Metrics should be positioned to articulate dwell, share, sentiment and behavior analysis.  At the same time, understanding levels and nature of personalization, exhibited by connectors, should also supply consistent energy to a system of knowledge and interaction.



Nike Write The Future – We “ARE” all connected

With only a few days to go, heartbeats around the world are already accelerating as South Africa prepares to host  The FIFA World Cup.
Nike needed a perfect opportunity to strengthen the swoosh  as a global force  in Football and their “Write The Future” message is a brilliant attempt.  Nike acknowledges the significance of individual moments, how they really do stimulate global connections…and perhaps “WRITE” the world.



Social Media Engagement: Creating True Connections

YouTube | Five Years of Connecting the World

Happy Birthday YouTube!!

Five years of real people, real messages and real solutions.



IAA World Congress brought business leaders to  Moscow this week.  Discussions centered around  the communications industry and focused on  this year’s theme CHANGE : CONSEQUENCE.

One thing is certain, a shift in the mindset of business leaders is far more apparent than we have seen in the past.  Integration of traditional and digital media is sought out.  Strategy encourages media teams to  communicate within a people-centric digital ecosystem and “interruptive marketing”  is quickly being  replaced by more engaging dialogues.

Just keep shifting…

Advancements in mobility will force brands to seek out people, know where they are, and customize messages to what they want to hear.

ROI is far more attainable across digital environments.  Martin Sorrell (WPP) shared ideas about ad shift  and the essential elements: technology, geography and consumer insight  for creating competitive advantages

Pay attention…

BRIC,  ME and Africa, although noted a great deal in recent years, will truly shift priorities in 2010.

“A World Of Equal Nations” Hans Rosling

Complete brilliance. Hans Rosling discusses the idea of  “A World Of Equal Nations” for Ericsson’s “2020 Shaping Ideas” project.

Facebook, A Platform for Real-Time Co-Creation

Not to worry…innovation is by nature…tremulous!

Facebook continues to challenge traditional assumptions for innovation.

The idea of real-time prototype design and live testing incites fear in the minds of those conditional to the art of salient experimentation before release of services.  Even beta is only accepted under the close supervision of those most familiar with the products or services.   But, who is most familiar with Facebook?  Everyone!  And, everyone’s experience with Facebook is different.

The Social – CNET News shares ideas for “Understanding Facebook’s privacy aftershocks”.  We agree, the road ahead is unsteady, yet it has to be.  Imagine the time it would take to introduce, develop and perfect a service for more than 400 million people using a traditional approach.

Facebook Facts:


More than 400 million active users

50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day

Average user has 130 friends

People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook


There are over 160 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups and events)

Average user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events


More than 70 translations available on the site

About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States


More than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries


There are more than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile device

Source: Facebook Statistics

Not to worry| We’ll get used to it…mobile innovation will be  far more unpredictable and Gratifying!

Mobile technology will bring about even greater numbers, diversity of adopters, stronger use of mobile devices and the most extreme situations for innovation.  An expression of concern, for tremulous growth…will probably not be heard.

Coming October 2010:

Springer will launch our new book, Collaboration and Co-Creation: New Platforms for Marketing and Innovation