Mobile App Revenue | iOS vs. Google Play – Infographic

App Annie shares an interesting look at what’s really motivating revenue for iOS and Google Play.

Even as Google Play is seeing strong growth, iOS still captures the very mobile Eastern Asia market. iPhone and iPad app downloads in China and Japan create 25% if iOS total revenue.

Another very compelling stat… App Annie shares that for every $1 spent on Google Play, $2.45 are spent on iOS.

Click here to access the PDF version of the Game of Phones infographic.


Apple helps Disney to “Re-Imagine” Retail

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Author: Leslie Kossoff

A bit more insight into what may have inspired Disney‘s immersive approach to retail… Apple! Author Leslie Kossoff, suggests that Steve Jobs’ position as a board member and shareholder positioned his ability to say “Dream-Bigger”…!

One thing is certain, Disney designers were inspired to create an experience edifice first, a retail structure second. Continue reading

AXA Continues Clever Use of QR Codes

AXA continues to create immersive messages…

This intense action based IMmercial shows a crash scene and then invites viewers to scan a QR code as an entry way to learning “MORE”, about what happened.

Using QR Codes to “Make” A Connection

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Renault To Launch First iAd In Europe

French auto maker Renault is set to launch Europe’s first iAd on Thursday, December 2nd. Continue reading