Our Take on Facebook’s Sponsored Stories

Please note this post was written in January of 2011 –

The difference between Engage and Connect is in “how” and, perhaps now “where” you RESPOND…

eMarketer takes a look at “What Makes Facebook Fan Pages Successful?”,  bringing perfect examples into focus through the way Coca-Cola and Starbucks have engaged and connected with fans.

It is true, Coca-Cola and Starbucks are perfect examples of how to create sustainable connections via social media. Coca-Cola often responds to comments and often highlights original content posted by fans.  They have adopted a very innovative mindset that entrusts the Coca-Cola brand in the hands of people who love them. Continue reading


Collective Emotion Creates an Enchanting Vision of Disney and Life!

Emotion will forever be the most powerful connector.

We were inspired by Disney‘s recent  Let The Memories Begin Campaign, as Disney has enabled families to share and celebrate their unique experiences and wondrous emotions.  Authentic and true-to-our-heart…people are at the center of this initiative.

Imagine “Your” Disney Memory as a part of the Celebration…

Now Disney will make all of us, a visual part of each nightly celebration by projecting photographs and videos of guests every night on Cinderella Castle in Florida and upon it’s a small world in California!

What could ever be more Magical than a glimpse of real-life on the smiles of families experiencing Disney?

We’re Okay With Privacy Options…Time For “My” Sponsored Stories?

Most of us (78%) are rather satisfied with the privacy options available within Social Media.  We want them in place, and rely on privacy settings to keep “potentially negative experiences” from happening.

Given this ability to trust privacy options…

Do you think people will be more willing to share information? Continue reading

Reuters:Having The Right Information at the Right Time For Real Change

“The Knowledge Effect” is a natural example of resource-based communication.

Thomson Reuters launched The Knowledge Effect, a new site that will help the business world to truly visualize the size and scope of Thomson Reuters services.

This very creative site was created by Daylife.


BMW of NA Adopts Inspirational Marketing

BMW of North America understands the significance of conversation and collaboration.  A wonderful new documentary series, “Wherever You Want To Go: Four Films about the Future of Mobility”, shares a collective dialogue within a diverse, yet brilliant, group of scientists, academics, pioneers, and entrepreneurs.  Beyond challenging traditional thinking, the stories open a window to the various elements that will really influence the future of transportation. Continue reading