A look at what “Really Matters” on Facebook from L2 and Buddy Media

Simply a study that we can identify with!!  Moving beyond engagement to creating sustainable connections with fans via Facebook!

Authenticity, Conviction and Flexibility

L2 partnered with Buddy Media to develop a most creative and provoking report for what social media, and in particular Facebook… should be.  The L2 Prestige 100®: Facebook IQ report applauds a willingness to welcome and embrace a continual process of connecting and changing for brands.

The Brand’s new role; service, resource provider and enabler…sustainable connections will follow…

We were thrilled to review a report that aligns with our thinking, moving beyond the number of “likes’ as a measure of success, but looking more into the nurturing, contextual activity of brands.  The report supports an active form of engagement.  The brands at the top of the list understand the difference between engagement and true connections.


The reports ranks BMW with the highest Facebook IQ = Shareholder Value, and of course we agree!  BMW continues to create brand experiences that people want to be a part of.

  • Authentic Response
  • Enabling Fans [ post, and upload original content]
  • Integration of Facebook within all digital platforms
  • Using Facebook as resource [a tool for customer service]
  • Nurturing Fan’s role[p2p sharing and service]

How is a Billboard in Berlin seen around the world…? Ask MINI

Supporting Peer-to-Peer!

Truly an insightful report that takes into consideration the key variables of sustainable social media connections.



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