The ROI of Social Media and “Tebowing”

With so much talk about the ROI of Social Media, we think it is important to remind everyone that ROI may not have to be entirely based on immediate revenue.  The goal of social media…should not be thought of exclusively as a marketing strategy. Social media should be thought of as means for creating an ecosystem.  Functional marketing nurtures knowledge, stimuli and supports co-creation. Our approach suggests that messages and content must be authentic, filled with conviction and extremely flexible within all surroundings.  If integrated properly, everything else will naturally fall into place.

How Social is Sports?

We talk about social media in sports as the ultimate opportunity for connecting. Enabling fans via social, mobile and location supports fans’ emotional attachment, moving the experience from a “THE Game” to an “OUR Game” occasion.

Tim Tebow is making an impact on the football field for the Denver Broncos, of the National Football League.  However, an even larger impact is his influence in social media through “Tebowing”.  Tebowing is Tim’s humbling gesture, kneeling on one knee as evidence to his faith.  The act of Tebowing has compelled a strong reaction through social media. On 12, December, the Global Language Monitor officially accepted the term within the English language.  Just months after the phrase was created following a miracle win in October.

With Authenticity, Conviction and Flexibility, Tim Tebow has the world’s attention…

Tebowing: The act of ‘taking a knee’ in prayerful reflection oblivious to your surroundings

A completely crowdsourced Tumblr blog has been created to enable people to share their personal interpretation of Tebowing.  Fans are able to purchase items with proceeds supporting local Denver Charities.  The site has daily submissions of touching images from around the world.  @Tebowing has almost 3,000 followers and each of the Facebook pages associated with Tim Tebow continue to grow.

The Denver Broncos have an opportunity to do more than simply engage within social media. Adopting an approach that moves beyond marketing.  By enabling the fan’s natural connection to Tebowing, the Broncos can create awareness and inspire emotional connections, at the same time, supporting donations for local charities and forming true connections.

The difference between engage and connect is in how you – Listen – Prepare –Respond and then Adapt

Perhaps the ideal return of social media is collaborative dialogues, the co-creation of messages (earned media for you traditional folks), content and strategy for what is now, and what may be next.



Buffalo Bills…True and Enduring Emotional Connections!

Recently the Buffalo Bills unveiled their new NFL uniforms. It was done at Ralph Wilson Stadium with all the ceremony deserving of such an event. The thing that made it special was the “models” that were used to present the new uniforms. Local military personnel, all avid fans,  were chosen to be the “models” to introduce the Bill’s new uniforms.

For these “models” of a true fan, this was a much deserved honor and a dream-come-true. Talk about a truly immersive experience! This not only formed enduring and emotional connections with the military men, but with all of the fans that watched or heard of it. These are connections that will not soon, if ever, be broken!

Go You Buffalo Bills…and our military too!


Are the Buffalo Bills Listening!?!

Yesterday’s post, (see below) challenged the NFL and their teams to engage fans more in the NFL Draft. Pallino1021 offered a few examples of how to form stronger emotional ties by including FANS in the team’s draft.

Did someone at the Buffalo Bills happen to read this post!?!

Today, the Buffalo Bills tweeted…


“What position” would you like the see the #Bills address with their next selection: Round 4, 122 overall.

Brilliant! A step in the right direction. Keep up the good work. Including fans, even by simply asking for their thoughts, made ME feel like a part of the team!!

Go You Buffalo Bills!

The Back Story!

Bring the Fans Into the NFL Draft Experience!

Social Media: Staying Tuned-In to the NFL


Bring the Fans Into the NFL Draft Experience!

While watching the 1st round of the 2011 NFL Draft last night, as exciting as it was, some ideas came to mind on how to better “share the experience” and bring the fans closer to “Their Draft”. Pallino1021 has pushed the thought of how sports need to bring the fan closer to the game and ultimately their team…turning “The Game” experience into “Our Game” experience. Why not start with the Draft?

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