$10.00 to help stimulate Google’s open commerce ecosystem

Google offers $10.00 to try Google Wallet.

Google Wallet is automatically available for Samsung‘s 4G Nexus S, and soon, all other NFC-equipped handsets.

What will be interesting to follow:

    • Loyalty and Rewards
    • Merchant Adoption
    • and…challenge of non-NFC mobile wallet offerings, most notably Square and PayPal

More NFC vs QR Code talk….silly

First the back-story: Nokia shared a video that offers a grand illustration of using “NFC” as a new way to “share, pair and connect“.

The video is great and leaves us with dreams of effortless connecting as we
“tap” to share, check-in and play. Continue reading

Everything IS Mobile…Convergence

I have pondered the idea of mobile convergence for many years.  This image is actually the back of one of our kitchen cabinets.  Trying to conceive of what was to come, I created a montage of images and notes.  It became very clear, that soon “everything would be mobile” and I now have a bit of  redemption,  at least in my kitchen.  (J-told you this would come in handy) Continue reading

Trends, #QR Codes, NFC and More…from Brad

Brad joins us for an espresso and a chat about trends.