Collaborative and Immersive…@Pottermore

Just As We Hoped…!!

J.K Rowling has created @Pottermore as an immersive experience for fans. Even more exciting, the space will encourage and nurture collective ideas, most certainly with our key elements...authenticity and conviction.

Readers will be more than immersed within @Pottermore, they have a prominent role.  Fans will collectively shape this environment from the passion and creativity found within their clever imaginations.

Interesting to see critics of the site are somewhat bored with the announcement. This could be a bit premature given that the magic ingredient, “fans” has yet to be added.

Harry Potter and Pottermore Publishing Rights © J.K. Rowling

Our post from June 18, 2011

Everyone is guessing!

Ingredients we are  hoping for…A Space that offers:

  • Immersive Experiences
  • Enables Connections
    • People-to-People
    • Real World
  • Nurtures Co-creation

Most certainly intriguing!

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