Social Media…The Pulse of Revolution | Excerpt from @mathewi

A great post by GIGAOM, “Social media, tipping points and revolutions”  supports our idea of “original”, the evolving need for people to be heard and…our trend report cover :o!

Truly emotional, somewhat political, but completely original!

Mathew explores the role of social media within the “Arab Spring” revolutions.  He supports the power of connections via  Jon Elster and his idea that revolution has four “distinct” and essential phases.  Mathew then shares the brilliant perception of Zeynep Tufekci, The University of North Carolina, Sociologist and Social-media researcher who describes social media as “collective action/information cascade”.   (See Below)

“Now or Never”

We agree, Mathew has shared the important elements that have motivated a reformation of the idea of governing.   For instance, have a look at the differences between “The Tea Party” and “Occupy Wall Street”.  The Tea Party was propelled by a very focused political agenda.  Occupy Wall Street began with one simple demand, but seems to allow for “original” ideas, with flexibility and a diversity of  issues, that address more than a disappointment with government.  The organic nature of various “Occupy” locations and topics is more likely to ensure that people’s interest remains sustainable.

Thoughts from our recent report –

The Ability to Collaborate

One of the key emerging trends is the idea of “Original”.  Original can mean many different things, but  most notably “original’ intensifies the need to collaborate. People are keen to play a stronger role in influencing performance, and absolute in their demand for relevance.

It has been said that Facebook did not start the idea of revolution, and this is true. People took on the role of disruptor in order to gain a voice, and a place within their community and government. Social media simply acted as the connector, an enabler of dialogues and information, and perhaps more important the collective confidence that others share their original ideals.

The Results

Filters are created from shared passion(s) and information. At the same time, authentic connections are not disrupted by  the misrepresentation of traditional channels… People continue to create new and very trusted-original sources.

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Return on Response: Creating emotional connections

Social environments provide the opportunity to engage and nurture lasting connections. As we have advanced from a single dimension of marketing into multi-dimensional connections, the process of communication has transformed.  Marketing messages have evolved into true conversations, and the best examples offer significant value to all” …Excerpt from Connections May 2010 (see below)

The significance of responding, within social media, is ever increasingly more important and Social Media teams remain challenged,  as they try to define policy and protocol for every interaction.

Ideal connections are not due to chance.  It’s easy for brands to slip into the role of moderator or lecturer often leading to a negative “transmit-mode” experience for people.  But, when people invest their time and attention connecting with a brand… response IS required.

The friendliness of brands is in question…

Authentic reactions motivate powerful interest …

Define strong connections based on content, interaction and a level of emotion…

Image Source: Facebook

Opportunity to create lasting emotional knots with bows….

Disney’s Toy Story has millions of followers on Facebook. Hundreds of people “Liked” and “Commented” on the (original branded content) posted, of a Ralph Eggleston picture, yet Disney rarely responds  to comments.

Disney fan pages consistently ask wonderful questions and create engaging content that leads to emotional responses via thousands of “likes” and “comments”, often in a very short period of time.

At the same time, families are sharing their own images in other spaces. Now, imagine the emotional connection if Toy Story “Liked” Jack-Jack’s picture of Buzz and Woody (original content).  His mother and her friends would then feel truly connected and strengthen their emotional attachment to Toy Story.

Note: Fans are unable to upload personal images to the Disney’s Pixar Toy Story facebook page. Yes, an element of caution is necessary, but not to the extent that monitoring the space could not make a difference.  Pictures posted by fans on their personal pages could be tagged as Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, offering Toy Story the heads up.

Fans should be encouraged to upload personal images to a fan page. A great example, Coca-Cola has more than 6000 fan photos posted by some of their more than 9 million Coca-Cola Facebook fans.  Yes, an element of caution is necessary, but not to the extent that monitoring the space could not make a difference.  Pictures posted by fans on their personal pages should also be noticed, once tagged, they offer digital media teams the heads up.

A Real-lifelong example…A Toast to a Very Loyal Consumer

People have always written to Coca-Cola and are naturally anxious to share their memories. Recently, Mike Clement of North Carolina wrote a touching account of his mother and her lifelong LOVE of Coca-Cola.  Coca-Cola blogger, Phil Mooney was so moved by the story that he shared the note in its entirety with his readers.

Phil Mooney, The Coca-Cola Company’s Archivist and historian

My Mother’s Story, by Mike Clement

Asking the right questions the right way…

Golden questions have been replaced with emotional connections that offer immeasurable knowledge and direction.

  • Are you the mayor of more than two coffee shops

Actions that compel Reactions…

Picked-Me –Makes life extraordinary

Branded Hug – Hopeful voice shares personal accounts and ideas

The adoption of social connections is extraordinary.   The results of all this connectedness…world changing disruption…of every LITTLE thing.