Smart use of Twitter | Offer Real-Time Solutions

As winter weather moves into Chicago, smart social marketers are busy generating relevant messages.  Why? Within social media, messages and content are part of an integrated brand experience and via mobile they can have a significant effect.

In 2011 many brands were happy to simply grow “likes” and increase followers. In 2012 these same brands are responsible for nurturing these delicate connections.  Mobile interaction is an important part of this process, but effectively using mobile will require authentic messages and extreme relevance.

Creating “worth our attention” experiences

Brands want to be thought of as a resource, offering information when and where it is needed most.  Positioning a brand as resourceful and creating “reliance” requires a continuous effort. Sustainable connections will derive from a commitment to providing “more” and truly creative content, through an understanding of what people need.

Mobile connections are forming new sources of ideas, news and advice; changing not only the way we communicate, but how we discover and live.

Mobile devices have become a Life-Tool!

We depend on mobile devices to keep us connected, to navigate our direction, and to help us make the right choices.


QR Codes Are Like A “Free Prize Inside”

5.3 billion mobile subscriptions by the end of 2010 The International Telecommunication Union

Scan-able ads and QR Codes (quick response) trigger easy connections with anything, anywhere, enabling personal experiences.  The ability to learn more about products and services is turning mobile into a life tool.

QR codes offer the difference between Take It With You and KEEP It With You

Mobile devices are connectors, they easily bring information to people…wherever they are and whenever they want it.  For brands, QR codes are the entry way to more.

Jumping in

A lot of brands need serious reputation enhancement.  Several have adopted service or source based marketing. Using QR codes, interactive marketing takes you deeper and encourages a positive perception of the brand.  Clever and persuasive messages are created when QR codes are placed in print and OOH signage.  Ideal examples offer free content (e.g. e-books, video) in time-confined places, such as airports and waiting areas. Continue reading