Video Inspires a Cycle-of-Courtesy via @TEDTalks

We often use the term Cycle-of-Courtesy for describing a reciprocal process within social media.  In this talk TED’s Chris Anderson shares his thoughts for how web video is creating and inspiring the ideal conditions for innovation.

These conditions create intense levels of understanding and connection. Advantages grow from collective ideas, not individual agendas, or predetermined direction.

Chris Anderson  “Web video is driving Crowd Accelerated Innovation”

Original and inventive ideas come to life, they are set into motion via a Cycle-Of-Courtesy.   The benefits of these powerful ideas and connections is still, yet to be discovered.  But, we do know that it remains important not to disrupt the natural process of discovery and sharing.  Within collective innovation, this natural process establishes the intention of ideas and a course for innovation.

“A new Cycle-of-Courtesy has developed; where people, compelled to share ideas and experiences with others, has become a common and expected task. It’s as if they feel it’s their duty…informing others is simply a natural part of the reciprocal process”


Exploring the Stages of Engagement to Connection

What came first the chicken or the egg? That is what comes to mind when hearing different perspectives of Engagement and Connection. Sometimes these terms are tossed around like they are interchangeable. Depending on the view you are subject to, you may have to do some digging to ascertain the direction of the message. We view Engagement and Connection as two very different stages within what ultimately enables a Cycle-of-Courtesy.

Many still question engagement as a good source for online and mobile lead generation, opting for intrusive messages via SMS, email, or newsletters. The problem may not be engagement, but within the idea that engagement is a standalone solution.

      Engagement within social media is only the first step. The difference between engagement and true connections lives within how you prepare, respond and adapt Continue reading

Social Media: 2Spaghi “Most Active”…Such a clever APP!

2Spaghi is the largest and most active social environment for restaurants in Italy…

We are simply thrilled! The collective efforts of SpaghiFriends (members of 2Spaghi) continue to disrupt traditional methods for sharing reviews and suggestions of restaurants in Italy. Continue reading

Recipes To Reservations… a Mobile Response

A recent query asked “What is the number of food-related apps available for Android or iPhone“.

Sharing our response…

Recipes To Reservations…

Is it possible to properly respond to this query?   At any given moment we can access an immeasurable level of food related sites via mobile.  The demand for these limitless options is most notably due to our true emotional connection with food.  Developing an app or web-based source of “trusted” information would most certainly create very strong connections for brands, and food is a natural emotional trigger.

What type of decisions would be made based on the number of apps available?

Apps offer direction for healthy eating and life saving direction for how we consume food.  Apps for dining out, from simply where…to simply what venues are best and who can get me in now. (e.g. Open table and Urban spoon) Others are more focused on the idea of cooking, and shopping or eating healthy (e.g. Epicurious Recipes, Nutrition facts, Shopping List).

Still, what I find most inspiring are the web-based mobile solutions that include real-time people-to-people reviews of venues and experiences.  These are most likely to create very sustainable connections as they encourage a collective responsibility for the integrity of the offering.  “Everyone” has an equal and compelling reason to have-a-say, in what I refer to as the Cycle of Courtesy.