Everything IS Mobile…Convergence

I have pondered the idea of mobile convergence for many years.  This image is actually the back of one of our kitchen cabinets.  Trying to conceive of what was to come, I created a montage of images and notes.  It became very clear, that soon “everything would be mobile” and I now have a bit of  redemption,  at least in my kitchen.  (J-told you this would come in handy) Continue reading


Introducing Fizz (via Bloom Blog)

Bloom — An incredibly beautiful use of data

The ability to see how social connections cultivate will become increasingly valuable. Allowing the data to tell the story of it’s creation is essential for new media decisions.


Introducing Fizz The response to our website and company launch on Monday has been great. We’re already hearing from people who are as excited about our vision for data expression as we are and we’re getting great feedback on our initial offerings, Fizz and Cartagram. We’re also sensing a blend of curiosity and hope, especially from our friends at blogs like Infosthetics, Flowing Data and Datavisualization.ch. We’re working hard to fulfill that hope! Our long-ter … Read More

via Bloom Blog