la Spagoguida 2011…Now with Google+

2Spaghi is one of the case studies in our just released 2011 Emerging Global Trends Report. They are the biggest social network in Italy sharing authentic reviews about restaurants and hotels. Recently, 2Spaghi added Google+ to each of the restaurant pages making it even more a part of the social graph.  2Spaghi’s Facebook page already has almost 7,000 followers and has proved a fertile environment for ideas and discussion.

The idea of influence grew organically leading to lasting connections, accountability and even fun disagreements Continue reading


Social Media: 2Spaghi “Most Active”…Such a clever APP!

2Spaghi is the largest and most active social environment for restaurants in Italy…

We are simply thrilled! The collective efforts of SpaghiFriends (members of 2Spaghi) continue to disrupt traditional methods for sharing reviews and suggestions of restaurants in Italy. Continue reading

La SpagoGuida, Simply a Trend?

We are so very pleased to see  La SpagoGuida highlighted as a media and publishing trend via Springwise last week!

More than a trend…

The convergence of mobile and online review sites will certainly continue to disrupt traditional models.   Working with our collaborators, we continue to explore the many possibilities for using real-time mobile as a platform for sharing information and creating unique  people-to-people advantages.

Zagat disrupted!

La SpagoGuida is a pocket-sized volume of 320 pages with an application for iPhone and Android smartphones.  Recommendations of “ordinary people without the snobbery” of  places where you will want to eat in Italy.