Metwit Adds the Power of Instagram!

Everyone loves Metwit, Everyone loves Instagram, and Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you[Crowded House]

The perfect Storm!

Team Metwit has been working non-stop to create the ideal environment for Metwitters as they discover and share the fun,  and the fury of weather.

Adding Instagram to Metwit was the perfect next step!  The ability to immediately view images of weather related content, brings another layer of understanding, emotional connection, and easy translation to this very global weather resource.

La differenza è che qui si hanno a disposizione migliaia di amici!

Adding images¬† was a natural first step in what is certain to be many updates to Metwit.¬† The team is committed to offering tools that will make it easy for like-minded outdoor enthusiasts to connect. The photographs also offer a real-time window and “original” view of the places we love.

Curious to see what sunset was like in Denmark today?

Forecast?  These smart developers have applied a collective approach to innovation and love the idea of co-creation. Future updates are likely to be influenced by Metwit users and outdoor enthusiasts to meet their very specific needs.

Outlook… through crowd-sourced design challenges, the creative look of Metwit is expected to continue to transform and change just like the weather.



Super Bowl XLVI… the Mobile Experience

‚ÄúMobile convergence will energize a system of experiences and occasions, each filled with opportunity!‚ÄĚ For brands‚Ķthis means always enabling, always listening, ready to respond and adapt.

Super Bowl XLVI…is once again more than a football game, and the social aspect of the game is more than simply breaking Twitter records.¬† This year Super Bowl XLVI will create connections.¬† Viewers are expected to use mobile devices at unmatched levels and the demand for mobile interaction is tremendous.¬† Immediate, direct access to ‚Äúmore‚ÄĚ is expected, and brands are challenged to create spectacular interactive experiences.

Extraordinary relevance

Promises of brilliant content are certain, but tremendous value is most often created when fans discover, conquer, own, and share stories about who they are and what they know.  Creative brands will be prepared to listen, will adapt quickly and respond with authentic messages. So, what is the outcome? Emotional connections, possible when brands nurture dialogues and support the role of people in the process.

How will we connect?  Apple shipped over 15 million iPads in Q4 2011

Position a very different kind of strategy

Honda has had great success with the early release of the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off big game commercial.¬† The video already has more than 8 million views, great news for Honda as they launch the all-new 2012 CR-V.¬† Still,with almost 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, imagine the possibility for unique opportunities. ¬†Enable people to capture original video and celebrate the imagination of people in real-time, as they are watching the game.

‚ĶRaison d’√™tre


Living, breathing, and ever-changing content. ¬†Coca-Cola¬ģ has given their Polar Bears permission to throw a Super Bowl Party. While watching the game, the polar bears will be chatting with, so far, more than 18,000 friends.¬† As of now, the popular hosts have only invited a little more than 64,000 friends via Facebook.

Become a resource

Chevy is sponsoring ‚ÄúRoad To The #SuperBowl‚ÄĚ

Chevy has become a resource for those wanting to track tweets per minute and see who is sharing content in real-time. Chevy has also reached out to Detroit Labs to develop a great mobile app. The Chevy Game Time App offers viewers a chance to interact with exclusive content, get real-time stats, and be a part of the game with live trivia. At this point are we fans or players?  Players can win 1 of 20 Chevys and other prizes.

Service…extended brand experience

Xbox LIVE Gold access will be free February 2-5.  Xbox wants to make sure that fans experience ESPN via Xbox LIVE.  The Super Bowl is ideally targeted and Xbox will extend the brand’s experience with Madden Bowl XVIII!  On February 2nd, NFL players and celebrities teamed up in a 3-on-3, playing for the coveted title of Madden NFL 12 champions! I like this idea, but would love to see real-people also involved.  Celebrity overload I guess.  During Super Bowl week, the last thing some of us care to see are more celebrities.

Consider the value of social media…Loyalty and Learning.¬† Then add the perception of ‚Äúpeople‚ÄĚ defining their personal value by what they share. Now consider the passion and true emotion within sporting events.¬† This is only the beginning, the 2012 Olympics are only a few months away. The games will further test brands to create strong resources and enable ‚Äúmy‚ÄĚ Olympics.

Super Bowl Goes Mobile viaInteractive Advertising Bureau


Smart use of Twitter | Offer Real-Time Solutions

As winter weather moves into Chicago, smart social marketers are busy generating relevant messages.  Why? Within social media, messages and content are part of an integrated brand experience and via mobile they can have a significant effect.

In 2011 many brands were happy to simply grow ‚Äúlikes‚ÄĚ and increase followers. In 2012 these same brands are responsible for nurturing these delicate connections.¬† Mobile¬†interaction is an important part of this process, but effectively using mobile will require authentic messages and extreme relevance.

Creating ‚Äúworth our attention‚ÄĚ experiences

Brands want to be thought of as a¬†resource, offering information when and where it is needed most. ¬†Positioning a brand as resourceful and creating ‚Äúreliance‚ÄĚ requires a continuous effort. Sustainable connections will derive from a commitment to providing ‚Äúmore‚ÄĚ and truly creative content, through an understanding of what people need.

Mobile connections are forming new sources of ideas, news and advice; changing not only the way we communicate, but how we discover and live.

Mobile devices have become a Life-Tool!

We depend on mobile devices to keep us connected, to navigate our direction, and to help us make the right choices.

A Twitter View of 2011 via Jeremiah Warren

Jeremiah Warren shares his view of 2011 via Twitter!

Our curiosity compels us to use Twitter…¬†

We Tweet to laugh, to cry, to worry and to share , but most of all to stay connected.   Twitter simply acts as a connector, an enabler of dialogues and information.  What I find most interesting, is that we may often Tweet seeking the collective confidence that others share our ideals.

Just Picking Grapes or…Harvesting Our Next Occasion?

We came up with this title after viewing two very different YouTube videos, from two very different winemakers, showcasing their most recent harvest. Although both showed grapes being picked, they each told a very different story.

One video from Benziger Family Winery, was simple and shot in the vineyard. It was authentic, and captured the heartfelt excitement and enthusiasm of a new harvest. It highlighted happy family members, to include a new granddaughter. It highlighted happy workers, as well as people proud to be taking part in this exhilarating, meaningful and most important process.

The other video from another well known winery, was edited together in an editing room and appeared as a theater quality production. It may have even contained credits. It showed people picking grapes, but it looked more like a job, rather than an occasion.

Can you guess which one of these videos created an emotional connection? When buying a bottle of Benziger wine, you feel like you are donating to the cause, not just adding to a company’s bottom line.

A brand’s smart use of social media platforms can create and nurture sustainable emotional connections. Through authentic and non-intrusive interaction, a simple engagement between brand and individual can develop into a lasting connection.

“Carry your brand DNA into social media channels”

WineTwits, a Twitter-powered community that brings wine enthusiasts together, is taking a very interactive approach. Through Tweets, and interaction via their website, WineTwits is able to guide immersive experiences, connecting brands with people. An upcoming event, Beaujolais #NouveauDay, will feature an interactive wine tasting,with an expected global and witty participation via Twitter. In a recent conversation with Steve Gilberg, founder of DrinkTwits Media (parent company of WineTwits), Steve offered these thoughts: “It is a huge mistake to not use social media”. Steve also observed: “Carry your brand DNA into social media channels”. Using these ideas along with authentic non-intrusive interaction, he has been able to significantly raise his brand’s awareness. Speaking for not only his brand, Steve says: “For brands, someone internally needs to take ownership of the social media”. He also believes that “Used properly, Twitter is one of the greatest lead generation tools he has ever seen.”

Sustainable social media connections require: Authenticity, Conviction and Flexibility

As we noted within our recent report, people are keen to define and build trusted resources, as they are soon to become important elements of true influence for purchase decisions.  For brands, authentic content and messages are the first step. Engagement alone does not create influence or a likeliness to share…Influence and involvement arise from nurtured interaction in the age of all-of-us.

So, are you just picking grapes? Or, are you harvesting our next occasion? As you make social media decisions (what platform, what channel, who will handle social media, etc.), remember: Be authentic and make your message lead to an occasion!


Social Media and Sports! NBA, MLB and NFL. Sorry Fiorentina…next time!

For more on our favorite Italian Football team Fiorentina…click here

Wanted/Needed…Social Media Sideline Reporter @PhoenixSuns

As sports teams/organizations get more social smart and social savvy, you will see more of these calls for help. Sports teams are looking for ways to keep their fan bases alive with anticipation…and fans want to be involved.

As we learned during our research for Collaboration and Co-Creation, the Phoenix Suns have one of the most loyal fan bases in the NBA. The Suns are committed to involving fans as much as possible and understand the value of fan-to-fan interaction. Recently, the Phoenix Suns made an announcement for a new job opening for a social media sideline reporter, the first and only one of its kind in their history. Continue reading