Preparing an NFL Social Media Game Plan

Social media needs to play both sides of the ball. Just like a successful football team can’t choose to play just offense, or just defense; a successful social media program must Engage and Respond.

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The Time for QR Codes/Tags is Still…Now

Article first published as The Time for QR Codes is Still…Now! on Technorati.

The demand for mobile information is extreme. Immediate and direct access to “more” has become an expected ever-present service.

A new initiative from Mellville House Publishing, called HybridBook, is bringing print books to life. Through the use of QR codes printed within the books, the reader can access highly curated text, maps, photographs and illustrations related to the original book. Now print books can have the same advantage as eBooks, thanks to those “catchy” QR codes. Continue reading

More NFC vs QR Code talk….silly

First the back-story: Nokia shared a video that offers a grand illustration of using “NFC” as a new way to “share, pair and connect“.

The video is great and leaves us with dreams of effortless connecting as we
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So, I’m just standin’ here…Enable Me!

Talk about a captive audience…

Recently we embarked on a family outing at a popular theme park. You know…rides, games, kid’s rides, shows and ridiculously overpriced concessions. The kind of park where you have to stand in line for at least an hour before you can ride. Talk about an opportunity to engage! Continue reading

Trends, #QR Codes, NFC and More…from Brad

Brad joins us for an espresso and a chat about trends.


la Spagoguida 2011…Now with Google+

2Spaghi is one of the case studies in our just released 2011 Emerging Global Trends Report. They are the biggest social network in Italy sharing authentic reviews about restaurants and hotels. Recently, 2Spaghi added Google+ to each of the restaurant pages making it even more a part of the social graph.  2Spaghi’s Facebook page already has almost 7,000 followers and has proved a fertile environment for ideas and discussion.

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“Eh…What’s Up Doc?”…Scan the Tag!

Microsoft Tag offers unique opportunities for “More”. These Tags/QR codes not only look like art, but allow for some of the best analytics available. Their proprietary platform leads to awesome insight.

Warner Bros is using Microsoft Tags to extend their brand’s experience at Comic-Con.

Microsoft Tags were artistically designed as posters.  But, with consequence,  T-shirts worn by the  staff  feature engaging content that will change everyday.

One tag points to exclusive content!
Source- Microsoft Tag

More about Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag is a flexible marketing tool that offers the following features:

• Robust analytics to inform your marketing campaigns on the fly
• Real-time location to localize your marketing efforts in each market
• Unique mobile device ID to use your marketing spend more effectively
• Full customization in black and white or color, including using your own
logo for brand recognition

No, we do not work for MTag…but, we love them!

“Eh…What’s Up Doc” is probably a registered trademark of Warner Brothers