Top Apple, China Mobile execs meet to talk “cooperation”

Deanna Lawrence:

We have so much to learn from these strategic partnerships. Moving forward the ability to collaborate will define what is…sustainable.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Surprising basically no one, Apple(s AAPL) CEO Tim Cook made time on his trip to China to meet Thursday with his company’s most critical non-partner: the chairman of China Mobile. China Mobile is the largest carrier in the world’s largest market for mobile phones: the company counts 650 million subscribers. But while its competitors China Telecom and China Unicom have partnered with Apple to sell the iPhone, China Mobile remains a holdout.

For now, the two appear to just be talking, with no partnership deal announced. A China Mobile spokesman told Reuters: “In the morning, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook visited China Mobile’s headquarters. China Mobile’s Chairman Xi Guohua and Tim Cook discussed matters of cooperation.”

It’s not just a question of whether China Mobile wants to sell the iPhone. Apple would have to make the decision to make a specific variant of the iPhone that supports China Mobile’s unique…

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