Top Apple, China Mobile execs meet to talk “cooperation”

We have so much to learn from these strategic partnerships. Moving forward the ability to collaborate will define what is…sustainable.


Surprising basically no one, Apple(s AAPL) CEO Tim Cook made time on his trip to China to meet Thursday with his company’s most critical non-partner: the chairman of China Mobile. China Mobile is the largest carrier in the world’s largest market for mobile phones: the company counts 650 million subscribers. But while its competitors China Telecom and China Unicom have partnered with Apple to sell the iPhone, China Mobile remains a holdout.

For now, the two appear to just be talking, with no partnership deal announced. A China Mobile spokesman told Reuters: “In the morning, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook visited China Mobile’s headquarters. China Mobile’s Chairman Xi Guohua and Tim Cook discussed matters of cooperation.”

It’s not just a question of whether China Mobile wants to sell the iPhone. Apple would have to make the decision to make a specific variant of the iPhone that supports China Mobile’s unique…

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