User Acquisition, Virality, and Mobile: Notes from our session with Adam Nash

Love this post…very spot on!

Adding my thoughts | Start-ups must position with user experience at the heart of every element. Disruption is constant…flexibility in design and mindset will offer the direction you will need. Be competitive with a keen understanding of the role data will play today and tomorrow.

Greylock VC

Note: Last week we hosted a session on User Acquisition with our Discovery Fund companies and a few other portfolio companies and friends. It was led by Adam Nash, EIR and former VP Product at LinkedIn, and was based on an awesome series of posts on his blog. I’ve tried to capture it below, but the content is really from Adam and some of the great founders in attendance. We regularly do session like this – sometimes with our portfolio companies and sometimes open to others. If this is helpful, let us know if you’d like to attend a future session and we’ll send you an invite if we have room.  No matter what, we’ll try to continue to post session notes. (Cue Adam…) – Brendan Baker

We spent a lot of time trying to make LinkedIn grow.  One of the reasons they are at more than 150M users now instead of 50M is because…

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