Creating Meaningful Experiences: “Starry Night” Van Gogh and Vrellis

“Starry Night” Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was not limited by the confines of his surroundings when he created Starry Night in 1889. His gift allowed him to envision and express a very different reality from what he was living. More than one hundred years later, Van Gogh’s night sky, swirling clouds, and a bright crescent moon still invite us to escape, while the stars miraculously continue to intrigue, leaving it difficult to return to our reality.

Now, Greek Artist, Petros Vrellis has made returning to reality even more difficult.  His work enables our natural emotions to truly connect with Starry Night, to move elements of the painting and to co-create a personal interpretation.  Through Vrellis’ work and our imagination, the painting is given new, and thoroughly interactive life. The animation reacts to touch, also prompting a musical response, made possible with openframeworks.

True, Vincent Van Gogh and Petros Vrellis were not thinking of Starry Night as  an analogy for better marketing, but the emotional connections that we form from interacting with the painting offers a lesson.

The idea of “Original”

Through Petros’ Starry Night we are involved, and have the ability to co-create our Original Starry Night.  The experience is empowering and reflects a very personal journey.  The lesson…companies should identify opportunities to involve people in the process.  Co-creating unique styles and original substance will certainly produce more meaningful experiences and support lasting connections.

Recent examples: Pinterest and Metwit


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