ZOMBIES, RUN…an Immersive Adventure

A brilliant example of immersive experience and a great adventure!

ZOMBIES, RUN is now fully funded via KickStarter, with over 3,000 backers and $72,000 in pledges.

A great example of the type of creative thinking and true extension of “experiences” we love to share.  Designed as a “running game & audio adventure”.   Zombies Run will be available for iOS – iPhone, iPod Touch/Android.

Voice alerts are integrated within your playlist.  To keep the game fresh, runners  are encouraged to complete missions and collect items during the run. Back home, runners can use items to support base areas.  More mysterious content is unlocked and the game continues.

I think it would be very interesting to see savvy event creators like Red Frog Events using solutions such as Zombies, Run to encourage even more interesting challenges for participants.

For serious runners – “Zombies, Run! also keeps record of,  and offers audio alerts for; distance, time, pace, and calories.  Moving forward, the developers hope to integrate with RunKeeper and of course, save the world from Zombies.

A Video Games project in London, United Kingdom by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman


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