Wanted/Needed…Social Media Sideline Reporter @PhoenixSuns

As sports teams/organizations get more social smart and social savvy, you will see more of these calls for help. Sports teams are looking for ways to keep their fan bases alive with anticipation…and fans want to be involved.

As we learned during our research for Collaboration and Co-Creation, the Phoenix Suns have one of the most loyal fan bases in the NBA. The Suns are committed to involving fans as much as possible and understand the value of fan-to-fan interaction. Recently, the Phoenix Suns made an announcement for a new job opening for a social media sideline reporter, the first and only one of its kind in their history. This position goes hand-in-hand with sustainable social media strategies. Unlike regular courtside reporters, the social media sideline reporter serves as an in-the-game channel between the fans and the Phoenix Suns. The role of this new type of reporter is also dynamic, it evolves and changes based on social networking trends. Some of the key tasks of the social media reporter is to interact with fans, share, listen, discuss, and more.

The natural conviction within sideline accounts will take fans from a “the game” to an “our game” experience…

Authenticity is Key!

The goal here is to allow this interaction to be non-intrusive and authentic. The reporter must be encouraging and nurturing, and not be dominating, directing or pushy. Allow the fans to be able to express their feelings about “their” team. They must feel involved in team activities, on and off the field/court. Through tweets, posts and comments; listen to what the fans think/want. The fans will go from a “the team” feeling to a “my team” connection.

“Original” expressions are the most contextually rich and emotionally-powered impressions possible.



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