Preparing an NFL Social Media Game Plan

Social media needs to play both sides of the ball. Just like a successful football team can’t choose to play just offense, or just defense; a successful social media program must Engage and Respond.

Too often a brand’s social media plan is shouting out “buy me” messages on Twitter or Facebook. This is broadcasting, not social media engagement. Just because your message/advertisement  plays out in social media, doesn’t mean you are social media quarterback. A social media plan thrives on Response. A “connection” is derived from a Response. Through this interaction, loyalty is cultivated and the emotional connection is maintained. Response is the most effective form of reward, and essential to sustainable connections.

When people invest their time and attention…Response Is Required.

Once the Offense comes off the field, the Defense should be prepared to play

Once the message is sent out, be prepared to respond. Teams should take a page from their players’ playbook. There are a lot of players with excellent social media game plans. They engage, respond, nurture and connect. An authentic reaction can motivate great interest, trust and loyalty. The individual teams must create this same interest, trust and loyalty. Even a simple retweet can make a difference.

Turn the “Game Experience” into a “My Game Experience”!

Through these developed connections, along with immersive experiences, the peoples’ perceptions can be turned into a “My Game Experience”. They are so immersed in the brand that they speak; “my and our” instead of “their and those” when talking about their favorite team. They will become an “Influencer” for their favorite team; tweeting, Facebooking and blogging about their feelings and experiences. When these messages come from the heart, it can genuinely be felt and believed. It’s like painting your face in your team colors…only it’s shared online.

So teams – Develop your social media game plan…draft great social media play-makers…execute your social media playbook…win the hearts of your fans!



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