KLM – Committed to “Response”

A Brands new role is service, being a resource provider and an enabler.

KLM is committed to listening, and responding, to people To demonstrate this commitment, today KLM is “live” responding  to tweeted service questions via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and in a big way.

Appreciation is essential within social media. Much like the now legendary Old Spice campaign, KLM is engaging passengers with personalized responses, at the same time extending a fun experience of the brand.  Social media stimuli is built-in.

Moving forward KLM will need to identify “responding” as an opportunity for continuous learning. The added value of being heard will strengthen KLM’s ties with passengers and enabling effortless mobile/social service will create a reliance on the brand within social media platforms.  This level of recognition will create emotional connections, contextual insight and definite social/shareable content.

Live Reply is a perfect example of “Response” with authenticity, conviction, and certainly flexibility!!

Live Reply brings the importance of responding into view.

The Difference between engage and connect is in how you – Listen – Prepare –Respond and then Adapt…


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