The Time for QR Codes/Tags is Still…Now

Article first published as The Time for QR Codes is Still…Now! on Technorati.

The demand for mobile information is extreme. Immediate and direct access to “more” has become an expected ever-present service.

A new initiative from Mellville House Publishing, called HybridBook, is bringing print books to life. Through the use of QR codes printed within the books, the reader can access highly curated text, maps, photographs and illustrations related to the original book. Now print books can have the same advantage as eBooks, thanks to those “catchy” QR codes.

We have been talking about QR Codes for a long time (reference all QR Code). As people are becoming more smartphone/mobile device savvy; QR codes, Tags and scan-able content are becoming more prevalent.  Brands have discovered the low-cost, with high reward, value of scan-able codes as opposed to other media platforms. Recently the United States Postal Service introduced QR codes as a tool for their commercial mailer clients. Another emerging market is within real estate companies. They have come to realize how effective it is to place all of a home’s information in a scan-able code, to be shared and stored permanently. Even the Temple City Chamber of Commerce installed their first QR code signpost.

QR Codes require Consequence!

The opportunities are limitless…A great way to extend your brand’s experience. In a recent project, we used scan-able codes to promote a high-end fundraising event. During the event, scan-able codes were used to promote the participating vendors , also enabling People to vote for their favorites.  Vendors were able to set apart their brand via mobile experiences using individual QR codes at each booth.  This is where consequence makes a difference. Many vendors used the scan-able codes to simply link to their business website or Facebook. Some however  were creative, using the opportunity to promote with videos and personal messages. In essence, extending a mobile handshake, thanking the attendees for supporting this great cause. The creative messages were worth the scan, forming emotional connections with the attendees.  We would love to see even more interaction within this type of event (e.g. trivia or scavenger hunt) using mobile location-aware tools and QR codes to immerse attendees in the event. This creates an emotional attachment to the occasion.

Another clever example, Kmart‘s branded web series, First Day 2: First Dance. A sequeal to last year’s successful First Day and available via YouTube and  Facebook.  Kmart now has creative branded content (not static links),  it’s fun and immersive.  This is ideal content that could be accessed via QR code. Bringing print to life through the use of QR codes, Tags and scans is highly suggested. But, Kmart must also pay attention to analytics. Define mobile agendas that create a learning process with an understanding of convergence across mobile and social media. We will be exploring these options in depth in upcoming material.

72 % of smartphone users indicated that they would be likely to recall an ad with a QR code [MGH]

As we have been saying; “The use of QR codes brings your message to Life” and “It’s the difference between Take it with you, and Keep it with you“.  Now, measure interaction, and use it to create almost intuitive scenarios for what may be next.

Why QR Codes are Important Now



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