What Social Media Should Be…Original | Part I

What Social Media Should Be…Collaborative | Part II

I’m not certain when my rather different perspective began. Was it with PRG, immersed in the theory of one to one…or with TNS, when developing a new approach to moderation within Social Communities?  I do know that I have refined my thinking as part of Pallino1021,  a result of being challenged with the idea of convergence and the journey / exploration, as I prepare for our global trend reports. One thing remains prominent…People, and their idea of original…is emerging.

What Social Media Should Be…Original

The goal of social media…should not be thought of as a marketing strategy. Social media should be thought of as an ecosystem…nurturing knowledge, stimuli and co-creation…across any device.

Advantages stream from collective ideas, not individual agendas, or imposed direction…

When messages and content are original, they are  destined to be shared. They benefit from a natural progression of emotion, and when elements are co-created, they are also considerably more effective within social. For instance, when breaking news occurs, people immediately turn to traditional channels, but alongside remains their most trusted source…each other.  Our ideal source of information is no longer limited to traditional news channels.   People want to know what the rest of the world thought…and everyone wants to share the local accounts of individual experiences.

Appreciate original and the need to be social… Everything else will naturally fall into place

One of the key emerging trends is the idea of “Original”.  Original can mean many different things, but most notably intensifies the need to express ourselves, to connect and to collaborate.  Even the idea of original begins with an emotion, an independent thought, or a new approach. Original is empowering and reflects a very personal journey, a hope to inspire or a need to connect.

Companies need to identify opportunities to applaud, or even better, co-create unique styles and original substance.  Paying close attention to convergence across any device will energize creative occasions. At the same time, each will be filled with an opportunity for continuous learning. Enabling people to create and/or consume original content wherever they wish,  supports very social experiences.

Identifying contextual insight fuels an ecosystem of knowledge

Video and images …with the power of original

Video content establishes an instant emotional connection. People feel obligated to share “discovered” content. Real “real-life” entertainment rallies moving connections to “original” content.   This type of content is a distraction from what once was branded entertainment. It has placed new demands, even more accountability, when people are choosing to trust, like or share traditional media.  Today, even traditional news has to be pre-filtered and mixed with original stories.

Kickstarter is filled with original ideas, most notably are the number of documentaries that have been more than 100% funded.  These documentaries are born from true passion and a desperate need to share a story.  The films are incredible, intense and filled with a profound, very personal understanding of the subject, placing emphasis on important moments that are often missed in film making.  People are drawn to fund and absorb this content because of this intense level of passion, originality and not having been altered with a managed view of reality.

Make it “My-Own”

Disney has taken notice of fans wanting to “original-ize” their branded content. Enabling wannabe dance stars to share their personal twist on dance moves and submitting videos for a chance to appear on Make Your Mark. Over 25,000 auditions have been uploaded.

This type of contest is not new, but one thing has changed…People. It has become increasingly easy to share your ideas, dance moves, and any re-manifestation of just about every kind of content out there. Many brands seek to stop this from occurring.  At the same time, truly original content such as the Kickstarter documentaries are sought out and often consumed with far more emotional connections than original branded content.

Original ideas set into motion via a Cycle-Of-Courtesy

Persuading and allocating the benefits of these powerful ideas and content is challenging. But, it is most important not to disrupt the natural process of discovery and sharing. This natural process establishes a Cycle-Of-Courtesy.   At the same time you are enabling the witty critic in all-of-us, you are generating extraordinary insight.

 “A new Cycle-of-Courtesy has developed; where people, compelled to share ideas and experiences with others, has become a common and expected task. It’s as if they feel it’s their duty…informing others is simply a natural part of the reciprocal process”



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