Winning Social Media…There is No Off-Season

The Buffalo Bills are off to a good start. They began the season meagerly with small steps, but are starting to make bigger strides. This goes for their on-the-field team as well as their social media team.

Yes, social media is an important part of the program. With social media there is no off-season, draft, training camp or play-offs. The social media team has to be effective year round, and at the top of their game. It is time to take the next step. Buffalo Bills fans are tremendous fans, in good times and…not so good times, they have been for many years. (I can attest to that, as I am a Homer and fan for my entire life.)

The Buffalo Bills are fortunate, in that they have such a devoted and loyal fan base.

Now it’s time to trust the fans with the Bills brand…they’ve earned it. Plunge these avid fans into immersive experiences, that can be told and passed on to children and grandchildren. (What fanatic fan wouldn’t want their tweet posted on the Ralph’s Big-screen?, or get to draw up a play that actually get’s run during a game?) Maybe I’m grasping a little here, but wouldn’t it be a great opportunity? Put Mobile into play! Use mobile tools to create interactive occasions, Collect pre-game images, real-time game check-ins, trivia  and post-game celebration videos.  Respond (often) to fan’s emotionally-powered posts of conviction.  A simple response is as important as a First Down in a final two-minute drive.   It is essential  to reward and enable the fan’s role through at least one, or more, of the many available platforms.

In Sports – Social media is critical. Connections define the difference between a Fan’s impression of  “The Game” or creating “OUR GAME” occasions

True collaboration is fundamental in the social media game plan. Appreciation is vital. Even the simplest manner of recognition will create emotional connections and seed content that will most certainly become shareable across adjacent social environments. By entrusting these die-hard fans with delivering the message, perhaps from “the best social seat” in the stadium, a more authentic message will resonate from the Ralph…throughout western New York…throughout the country, and world, for that matter!

Buffalo Bills, don’t just broadcast to the fans. Engage and connect with your fans. Make them part of the dialogue. The added value of being heard will strengthen ties. The result will be more heart-felt and truly enduring.

Go You Buffalo Bills!



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