More NFC vs QR Code talk….silly

First the back-story: Nokia shared a video that offers a grand illustration of using “NFC” as a new way to “share, pair and connect“.

The video is great and leaves us with dreams of effortless connecting as we
“tap” to share, check-in and play.

I love the video and I love NFC, but the “worrisome” are again, writing posts about NFC vs QR Codes.  Forgive me, but it is really time to get beyond this comparison and begin to show a clear understanding of the difference between NFC and QR Codes.  I also feel a little sorry for always leaving out Tags and Scans.

In the video you see a tap of a menu and encouragement to share via Facebook. An NFC chip needed to be embedded within this restaurant menu in order for the mobile device to connect.

NFC will be ideal for interaction with items that are reusable or more permanent.

With QR codes, scan-able images and tags, the image can be simply, very inexpensively printed, just like any other picture.  What is important, even more than the cost of NFC vs QR Codes or tags, is the data.  What can you capture from each and every one of these interactions?  What can you learn and how can you immediately position this knowledge for what is relevant…next?

There is room for everyone…!



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