“Social Chefs”…We Want More!

Now-a-days, not only does a Chef have to know how to cook and direct a culinary team; they need to be able to tweet, plus, post, blog, vlog, upload, download, pin and livestream. They must now…Be Social!

The job description of today’s Chef goes beyond the doors leading out of the kitchen. It continues into websites, blogs and personal pages. Not only must the Chef be able to prepare their recipe; they must be able to describe how they prepare it, why they do what they do with the ingredients, as well as what you can do to change it to your taste (should you wish). This level of emotion, requires conviction along with raw talent. Many Chefs can now be found on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, their own blog or even their own website. They already realize; it’s not just about a good meal, it’s about connecting with the people. Some social savvy Chefs have even gone on to televised cooking competitions and their own television shows.

The Chef’s back-of-the-house role has forever changed. No longer can they be the short-tempered, sarcastic, caustic, no sense of humor, raving and knife throwing autocrats. Not that this isn’t a welcomed relief for his/her co-workers. The “New” Chef must be friendly, smiling, coddling, instructing, but more importantly, willing to listen and respond. With open kitchens and Chef’s tables, it is not uncommon to welcome the Chef to your table for an explanation of a dish or just pleasant conversation…each an ideal experience.

The “Social Chef” realizes the  need to engage and connect with people. Chef Matt is a great example of a not yet famous Chef, who has engaged and connected. He blogs and shares his experiences as well as recipes and is co-creating his new book. It is great to get his opinions on topics from preparation methods to the perfect gin and tonic. I’m sure everyone has seen one of the many cooking shows, and probably has their own favorite Chef. We are becoming accustomed to these “Social Chefs” as we watch their television shows and download their to-die-for recipes.

The most successful Chef will be the one who follows Pallino1021’s description for their new responsibility: Service, Resource Provider and Enabler!

Flexibility, versatility, and adaptability are key, but it is important to maintain a relentless focus on creating meaningful experiences.



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